Lemon Nation: The new NFTs of the Argentine exchange

Lemon launched one of the largest collections of NFTs on the market. You will be able to be part of Lemon Nation just by having an account created in their application.

The collection recently launched by cryptocurrency platform Lemon will be called “Lemon Nation” and aims to attract people who have accounts created on its platform to become part of the Web3.

They created an early access for those who used their platform the most in the last 20 days, but on August 8 it was activated for everyone with an account on the application.

It was promoted as the first NFT Lemon avatar in the metaverse and will be created randomly, since, in several weeks you will be able to exchange them with other users if you don’t like the one you get or you simply like someone else’s better.

The name of the collection was called “Lemon Nation”, but each of them were named “Lemmy NFT”. You will be able to add them to social networks and also add a biography and tell everyone a part of you and Lemmy NFT.

You can access it in the following ways:

  • From the app by clicking on your $lemontag > View my lemon.me profile.

  • From the web, by going to lemon.me/$lemontag.

On the other hand, it has been announced that the Lemmy NFTs have no value, i.e. they will not be tradable on the non-fungible token markets and can be obtained 100 percent free of charge.

In addition, along with the NFT collection you will be able to participate in different Lemon Drops, other collectible NFTs that you will receive as you reach new milestones within the app or with your Lemon Card.

They have also launched a new service called “Juice”, which is still a secret, but it will soon be known what it will be used for. They have also created a web page called juice.com.ar with different funny videos where they expose a possibility of what Juice can be. Soon we will see what will be the use of the new Lemon service that continues to expand throughout Argentina and the world, since, as I mentioned before, they already have their own Lemon Card from Visa.

With the card you can pay at all merchants in Latin America and the World that are within the VISA network. The card is completely free and has no maintenance fee. It is a prepaid card and you have benefits such as receiving 2% of your purchases.

Another service is Lemon Earn, which is a feature that allows your balances in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, DOT, SOL and ADA that you have in Lemon to generate returns every day, with earnings credited every week on Mondays.

All the services, functionalities and benefits launched by the Argentinean cryptocurrency platform aim to remain in the memory of people in the first steps to the crypto industry, metaverse, web3, blockchain and NFTs. Also, they want to achieve that millions of people can join the Web3 and can share it with all their acquaintances and relatives.

The Lemmy NFT will be more than 100 million possible combinations to generate the avatars.

Finally, it was officially announced that after Argentina, the Lemon Nation collection will be taken to Brazil, a country where Lemon also operates with thousands of users, with the aim of bringing as many people as possible into the Web3 and the Metaverse.