Lemon Cash alliance with TravelX to acquire NFTickets

Through this collaboration, they have launched a promotion whereby you can buy a tokenized airline ticket, and then they make a 50% refund in bitcoin.

It is not the first time that the company TravelX is in the news for the tokenization of airline tickets. From NFTexpress we have made a article article about TravelX ‘s partnership with AirEuropa, one of Europe’s largest airlines, which ended up being awarded for its implementation of NFTickets.

Subsequently, we have also published an article about the other alliance made by TravelX, but this second time it was with FlyBondi, one of the largest low cost airlines in Argentina.

Today, the news is the new alliance of the company that has revolutionized the purchase and sale of airline tickets using blockchain technology, together with the company Lemon Cash, a virtual wallet of Argentine origin that every month does not stop implementing and launching new features. Lemon CashLemon Cash, a virtual wallet of Argentine origin that month after month does not stop implementing and launching novelties, whose platform allows buying cryptocurrencies with pesos, among other functions.

Lemon Cash has recently been trending by launching a completely free course, with the aim of promoting education in the field of cryptocurrencies, NFT, blockchain and much more. At the end of the course, an NFT is given as a reward for successful completion.

TravelX and Lemon will open several sales windows until October 31 in which users will be able to access a 50% refund in bitcoin of the value of the NFTicket they have purchased, which will be credited to their wallet within the following 5 business days.

The first window was held on Tuesday, October 18, and the announcement was made through Lemon Cash’s official networks. Among some of the conditions, there is a limit of up to 2 tickets per person, and a refund limit of $100 USDC (a type of stablecoin, whose value is pegged to the dollar at 1 to 1 parity), for each ticket purchased.

Prior to this linkage, users of the TravelX platform could only purchase NFTickets through Binance Pay.

TravelX‘s Blockchain Director, Facundo Martín Díaz, stated that after purchasing an NFTicket, it can be auctioned, sold, transferred, given away, or even exchanged in a specific marketplace, through a P2P (peer to peer, or person to person) system, and register the name of the new owner of the NFTicket up to 3 days before the date of the ticket.

In addition, the company plans to add more than 60 airlines to its inventory, with a special focus on the Latin American and European markets. In the meantime, the company continues to negotiate with other crypto exchanges for new additions and strategic alliances.

Meanwhile, Lemon CEO and co-founder Marcelo Cavazzoli, said that this integration opens the doors to more than 1.5 million users who use their application to access web travel3 with the possibility of buying, selling or exchanging airline tickets through the TravelX platform.

Juan Pablo Lafosse, TravelX‘s CEO and co-founder, said that for the last three weeks they have felt a great interest in the whole community, whether crypto or not. Being able to offer the possibility of obtaining an airline ticket and manipulate it as the user wants, with extreme freedom, is something that had never been seen before and all the people needed and asked for it.

This alliance completes its collaboration with Flybondi, the only airline available that offers the sale of this type of tokenized tickets. Among the destinations offered by the company, we find most of the most important cities in the country, as well as being able to travel to neighboring countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay.

News like this demonstrates one of the many benefits that NFTs bring with blockchain technology, providing useful solutions to the real life of all citizens.

In this way, the transactions and data of each tokenized ticket are recorded in the blockchain, and provides the added bonus of being able to transfer it to whomever the user wants, not to mention the great extra benefits that each company can offer, such as the 50% bitcoin refund offered by Lemon in this case.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express