Led Zeppelin NFT Collection: “Legends of Rock”.

The collection arrives through OneOf, the Web3 mass consumption platform that continues to take its steps with new commercial alliances to materialize digital collections of renowned athletes and artists.

OneOf is the platform that plans to connect more than 100 million non-crypto fans with their favorite brands, artists and athletes. On the other hand, it allows big brands and companies to redesign the current commerce, loyalty and engagement with their users or customers, allowing them to collect or exchange digital assets without the need to be an expert in cryptocurrency.

Through its official websitewebsite, the platform claims that they consider themselves committed to a sustainable and inclusive blockchain, which is why minting digital assets on their platform uses up to 2 million times less energy than blockchains that use proof-of-work (PoW) as the consensus protocol, in addition to saving up to 99% in gas costs.

This platform, focused mainly on the tokenization of musical pieces, comes to give a new extraordinary link with eBay and Globe Entertainment, announcing the launch of a new NFT collection based on the rock band Led Zeppelin.

This collection about Led Zeppelin is called “Legends of Rock”, and is based on 3 photographic prints of the iconic photo shoot of the rock band held at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, back in 1969. Those photos were captured by Jay Thompson, where he managed to freeze in time Robert Plant, John Bonham, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Those who purchase an NFT from the collection will also get a pair of original tickets to vintage concerts from Led Zeppelin’s last shows in Chicago.

Thus, tickets for the particular concerts were printed only for special concerts, and are an iconic piece of memorabilia of the famous rock band. After the death of drummer John Bonham on September 24, 1980, the other artists made the decision not to continue with the band. These historic pieces of band memorabilia were never sold in history, and the Led Zeppelin era was coming to an end.

Another important point is that the OneOf platform states that they have 5 framed and engraved collections of rock band memorabilia. In addition, they are accompanied by 4 of the original tickets, and the headline of the Led Zeppelin show at the Chicago stadium. In addition, each purchase of an NFT from the collection comes with a digital certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that the physical item is completely authentic.

While the OneOf platform uses the Tezos and Polygon networks, this collection is built on the Tezos network. Platinum NFTs will be limited to 99 units at a price of $199, and Diamond NFTs will be limited to 5 units at a price of $399. NFTs from the “Legends of Rock” collection can be found both at the OneOf’s websiteand also through eBay.

Months ago, eBay announced that it was introducing its first NFT collection through its collaboration with OneOf. The“Genesis” NFT collection comprises 3D and animated representations of history’s most iconic athletes.

Within those collectibles, it has 13 limited edition collectibles in the collection, which are categorized as green, gold, platinum and diamond. After eBay launched its first NFT collection, it stated that it intends to launch new collections of historic athletes over the next few months.

Also, after making that first collaboration with eBay, the OneOf platform took one of its biggest and most important steps, by achieving the partnership with the Latin Grammy Recording Academy, for the development of the NFT of the awards ceremony, as we have reported from NFTexpress in the respective note that we provide in the following link.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express