Discover South Florida’s largest NFT event: Miami NFT Week 2023

It is one of the largest NFT events in the world, with exhibitions of professionals in the NFT field, DeFi, Blockchain, among others. There are also raffles, contests and much more.

This event is part of the month-long Miami Tech. On this occasion, the second edition of the Miami NFT Week will be held. Miami NFT Weekwith great professionals from all over the world.

Today, it has positioned itself as one of the most prestigious NFT events in the entire South Florida area. The event lasts for three days (March 31 through April 2, 2023).

The physical space chosen for this year’s event was the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, which is prepared to receive more than 5,000 visitors.

Among its main objectives is to foster connections of diverse crypto communities in emerging locations in various growing regions of the world, including Latin American countries, the United States, among others.

On the other hand, the organization of the event intends to support issues that cut across all countries in the world, such as cultural diversity, inclusion, education in the Web3 and NFT field, and many other topics.

In this regard, the website makes a distinction between the topics to be discussed at the event, which have been subdivided into different groups:

  • CULTURE: Issues related to inclusion, cultural diversity, art, as well as music and sports will be addressed.

  • METAVERSO: We will be able to find panels and creative installations dedicated to video games, Augmented Reality (AR) integration, Virtual Reality (VR), and much more.

  • COMPANIES: Regarding the business area, there will be an exclusive space dedicated to branding issues, DeFi ecosystem, as well as regulatory and Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

  • WEB3: There will be meetings and exhibitions of companies in the field of Web3, DeFi, and disruptive technologies, as well as panels and spaces dedicated to such purposes.

  • COMMUNITY: One of the most relevant points in the Web3 field, so people from different countries in Latin America and the world will attend to discuss issues related to Web3, DeFi, as well as DAOs and those institutions with their Governance Bodies.

As for the event’s sponsors , they have secured the support of major international companies such as MasterCard, Diesel Wynwood, TradeStation, Delta Airlines, among others.

Within the Convention Center, there will be different spaces dedicated to networking for attendees, as well as various panel discussions focused on NFTs related to music, games, entertainment and sports.

At the same time, if you visit its official website, you will be able to see several benefits when organizing your trip to the event. On the one hand, there are promotions for a limited time to purchase tickets with unique discounts. On the other hand, promotions of up to 40% discount are published when booking your stay in hotels such as uma house, Hilton, Gabriel Miami, Hyde, among others.


Miami is a city located in Florida. It is recognized worldwide for its beaches, weather and unique culture. Thus, it offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment attractions, such as museums, theaters, and lots of music.

Likewise, another of the strong points of this locality are its large commercial centers, which, thanks to this economic activity, makes it a port of connection with countries all over the world.

In recent years, Miami has positioned itself as a benchmark in the field of new technologies, and more precisely blockchain, NFT and cryptoassets.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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