LaLiga Santander certifies goal balls and auctions them off as NFTs

It will be the first time in the history of soccer that a professional league certifies those balls that have been used to score a goal, using blockchain technology.

The Spanish professional soccer league signed an alliance with Gol-Ball to become the first professional league in the world to use blockchain technology to identify which ball has been used to score the goals in each match, starting in 2023.Gol-Ball Gol-Ball is the external company in charge of providing the system to certify the balls used to score the goals, so that the public can subsequently purchase them through official marketplaces set up for this purpose, or through raffles.In this way officially announced from LaLiga‘s website, which states that this system will be implemented after the end of the World Cup, precisely from January 8, 2023.Thus, the main objective is to revolutionize the way in which soccer fans, their favorite team and their favorite players who score goals in different matches are linked.

In every soccer game, many balls are used and distributed in different parts of the field to avoid wasting time during each game. As soon as a ball leaves the field, another one enters immediately to avoid wasting time.

The company Gol-Ball developed and managed all the procedures for the registration of patents that allow it to identify which balls were used to score each goal, without interrupting the course of the game. This mechanism has never been used before, and the most relevant thing is that the purpose of all this is to finally transfer it to the fans.

In this sense, through a press release, the league team stated that access to historical and certified soccer collections was absolutely difficult until now, being a privilege for only a few. This trend will now change, so that any fan interested in collecting an officially used and duly certified ball can have access to affordable prices.

In addition, they expressly mentioned that with this mechanism they have proposed to replace the auction and the bidding of a few with the collaboration of many. This way, fans will be able to access collectibles in both physical and digital formats.

Samuel Eto’o, who is currently an ambassador for LaLiga, clearly stated how revolutionary this is in the world of collectibles and soccer. He personally commented that in his career as a footballer, those who scored a hat trick in a match were given a ball at the end of the game, but you didn’t know if it was one of the balls used during the game. So, if this is a historic event for the players, imagine what it means for the fans.

Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Gol-Ball, said that much of what Web3 inspires them is that if several people contribute a little, more can be achieved than when one person does it all.

Once the ball is removed from the playing field, it is digitized and all its information is uploaded to the Web3 platform, so its data is certified thanks to blockchain technology.

In this way, the digital representation of each ball is materialized through non fungible tokens(NFT), which can later be acquired through the marketplaces assigned for this purpose.

Some of the benefits that these certificates will provide include the possibility of consulting the certificate of authenticity, interacting with the ball through augmented reality, trading the tokenized balls in different markets, and even uploading the ball to the Apple Wallet.On the other hand, the physical version of the ball will be available to fans through a Fan Capture Mechanism. Full details of this mechanism will be revealed during the course of January 2023.

Previously, LaLiga has also participated in the launch of NFT platforms, having made alliances with companies in the field such as Dapper Labs for the launch of products such as LaLiga Golazos, an NFT platform.

Oscar Mayo, executive general director of LaLiga, said that it is always a pleasure for LaLiga to innovate in order to provide fans with more excitement and make them feel closer to their clubs and players.

Fede Giuliani, who holds the position of CTO at Gol-Ball, expresses how innovative this project is, noting that until today there was no concept of a goal ball. They are very proud of what they have created and have completed the procedures for patent registration.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express