Kraken launched its new platform for Non-Fungible Tokens

Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in San Francisco, USA, launched its own new platform for trading NFTs.

Krakenis one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, they have officially launched their NFT marketplace.

Initially, it will be in beta mode and users will now be able to exchange and collect up to 110 top NFT collections at zero cost and securely.

While this internal Kraken project was launched in early December and in beta format, but with access only for a select group, it is now available to all users who want to officially access its new service as important as NFTs are in the crypto industry.

About Kraken NFT

On December 22nd, the official worldwide marketplace of the NFT Kraken was launched with exactly the 110 most traded non-fungible token collections in the NFT industry. Kraken NFT with exactly the 110 most traded non-fungible token collections in the NFT industry.

For now, only collections that are living on the Ethereum and Solana blockchain are accepted. This includes collections such as. BAYC, Crypto Punks, Doodles, Moonbirds y y00tsamong many others. The marketplace will review all collections before adding them, and will do the same for future collections that want to be on the Kraken marketplace.

On the other hand, and similar to Blurthe NFT market will not charge gas fees. In simpler words for those just starting out is that the Kraken market will be gas free and does not require you to pay an additional transaction fee when buying or trading any NFT.

However, in the event that users transfer their NFTs to other platforms, if pre-set fees will apply. In addition, Kraken NFT users can buy, sell and exchange digital assets using a single wallet when interacting with multiple blockchains.

Jesse Powellco-founder and CEO of Kraken, spoke about this new service launched by his company. He said that Kraken has always been in favor of free and diverse expression, therefore, NFTs will allow content creators to more simply and effectively monetize their unique perspectives and at the same time, connect more directly with their like-minded audience.

Kraken NFT Features

With Kraken NFTKraken NFT, users can easily keep track of each NFT’s rating, such as its rarity. Thanks to this new rarity ranking tool on the market, users will be able to easily see the score next to their NFT.

On the other hand, users can also bid for their favorite NFTs using cash or any of the more than 200 cryptocurrencies that the protocol allows for. Kraken. One of the most innovative features is that buyers will be able to bid using a variety of payment methods, regardless of the currency used by the seller of the NFT, something that may break down the barrier for people who are interested in non-fungible tokens, but don’t want to enter the crypto world.

Regarding this tool, Powell also said that NFTs have the potential to become the way for most people to start interacting with cryptocurrencies in a faster, safer and more secure way without sending money back and forth.

With respect to royalties, a debate that has recently been a controversial topic among the NFT community, Kraken provided that creators of NFTs on their marketplace automatically receive a share of the sales revenue generated from their digital creations.

Safely exchanging NFTs in Kraken

Kraken’s main goal is to protect your funds, NFTs and privacy. As a result, they have earned a good reputation as a reliable and secure digital asset exchange because they have shown their reviews on y Forbes. Also, they won the CSO50 award and achieved the ISO 27001.

Every trade made on Kraken NFT will be backed by one of the leading platforms in the security and cryptocurrency industry. Also, as I mentioned earlier, each collection is carefully vetted before being added to the marketplace, in order to filter out fake or spammy collections.

Final words

Whether you are new to the ecosystem or simply don’t have a Kraken account, you can easily get started. You have to register to get a free, verified Kraken account with the help of the exchange’s 24/7 customer engagement team.

Once these steps are completed, the Kraken NFT marketplace can be freely explored and interacted with as the user wishes.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.