Konami plans to launch an NFT platform

It has been announced that the video game company Konami is looking for personnel to develop an NFT exchange platform.

Konami is one of the main companies behind video games that have marked a milestone in history, with sagas such as Contra in Nintendo, Silent Hill, even sports games such as PES, among others.

Through this news, Konami reaffirms its position to support and enter the blockchain field, through NFTs and metaverse. After many years of inactivity on the part of the company, it is back in the news with its commitment to web3 and NFTs.

It is important to remember that in January 2022, Konami celebrated 35 years of the renowned Castlevania game through a NFT auction of the saga, whose collection bore the name of. “Konami Memorial NFT”. Those NFTs were based on famous scenes from Castlevania titles, and of course with the company’s clarification that the purchase of these non-fungible tokens does not imply the granting or transfer of any intellectual property rights, copyrights, or trademarks.

This auction was a great success and allowed Konami to raise thousands of dollars in a very short time, a circumstance that surely motivated the company to continue to venture into this field. The collection with the sale of only 14 NFT managed to raise more than $162,000 dollars.

That is why today, Thursday, October 13, the company revealed its search for personnel trained in blockchain, web3 and in the development of immersive digital environments. The search is related to a NFT platform project, through which it will allow players to exchange NFT.

Specifically, Konami is looking for programmers, engineers, lawyers, administrative staff, all related to blockchain and NFT. The company stated that they have conducted research to incorporate the latest technology in video games, so they plan to launch a service in which players can exchange their NFT within the same games, through a unique distribution platform that uses blockchain.

Likewise, the company claims that its NFTs will be used in the games as items, and also as a way to participate in community events.

Konami has stated that its NFT platform project will be developed in compliance with the established guidelines for blockchain games of the Computer Entertainment Providers Association, the Mobile Content Forum, and the Japan Online Games Association.

During the last few months we can mention other video game companies that have decided to take a similar course. Electronic Arts, Sega, Square Enix, among others, have mentioned their intentions to start getting involved with NFT and web3 in their latest reports.

Another recent case, as we announced it from NFTexpress in the note respective, Ubisoft and Take-Two also give their support to the sector, such as the recent investment they made in a latest series A round made by the video game company Horizon, which is in the development of new blockchain games.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express