King of Devs 2.0: Web3 Hackathon in three Argentine provinces

It is a hackathon with free participation, with the support of more than 10 companies and communities, in addition to prizes that will be announced in the metaverse.

Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, and the various fields that are linked through blockchain technology are all experiencing steady growth over the last few years, regardless of the trend in the cryptocurrency market in general.

And one of the details that motivate much of the growth are the teams and communities that drive them. In this case, the attraction is the organization of an event that not only takes place over three days, but will also be held simultaneously in three provinces of Argentina.

The first edition of “King of Devs“culminated with motivating statistics for the organization of its second version: almost 200 registered participants, around 70 participants in person, a large number of prizes exceeding the value of $5000 dollars, 4 winning teams, as well as 10 companies and communities supporting the event.


The event begins with the kick-offin the metaverse, by the hand of Taribean agency specialized in creating virtual experiences, based on the implementation of blockchain technology and virtual reality.

Taribe ‘s main objective is to provide experiences in the digital world, allowing companies to communicate in a disruptive way their values and personality, in order to connect with customers and partners.

The Taribe team was also in charge of the Web3 event that took place in Cordoba in September 2022, where NFTexpress was present to provide more details about the event. more details about it.

As for their experiences, they can be treated from enhancing events that take place in a physical way, as was their collaboration with the Endeavor experience in Córdoba.

They can also be about the presentation of products in a disruptive way as it was with Campari, for which they contributed in the presentation of their vodka Skyy Summer Edition; among other ways to materialize their virtual experience services.

One week after the event, the awards ceremony will be held in the metaverse (organized by Taribe), in order to gather the participants from all the venues in the same place.

Participants and devs

The hackathon is divided into two categories: a) Newbies: for those software developers who have no experience in the Web3 field, b) Big Guys: for those who have a lot of experience and want to demonstrate their skills during this three-day challenge.

In turn, the first edition has provided benefits for both sectors: on the one hand, participants have found an ideal space to continue learning, in addition to continuing to develop as professionals. On the other hand, sponsors had a key event to meet developers, bring them closer to their technologies, and be able to clear their doubts live.

In this second edition, they will count with the collaboration of SOLOWone of the largest educational communities in the web3 and crypto ecosystem in Spanish. In addition, they will seek to highlight issues related to code and good practices. For those who do not have much experience, they will be able to participate with people from the field and with teams of experts from the event who can guide them through the process.

The hackathon will be held on Friday, March 31, Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2. The schedules for each day will be from 9am to 10pm, from 10am to 10pm and from 10am to 6pm respectively. They also offer the possibility of participating in an after party that they have organized to attend after the event.

Ripio Headquarters

Regarding the venue for those attending in person in Buenos Aires, they have chosen the company Ripio. In a conversation with Fran Actis Dannaone of the people responsible for the organization of the event, mentioned that they chose Ripio, since it is one of the main referents in promoting crypto adoption in LATAM for more than 10 years.

And as one of the fundamental pillars shared by both Ripio and the King of Devs organization, is that all this can be possible as a team, with the support of the communities, developers and all those who want to contribute their part to boost the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Its objective: Federalization

Another policy adopted by the hackathon organizers is to avoid centralizing the event in a single place, since Buenos Aires is generally taken as the main venue for this type of event.

For this reason, they have decided to offer the possibility to all those interested in participating to do it in person in the provinces of Córdoba and Mendoza.

Thus, the event will be held in the same way in all venues, on the same days and at the same times, and will offer the same tracks and competition categories.

The Mendoza office will be located at 2056 Rafael Cubillos Street, Godoy Cruz (Mendoza TIC Technology Park). The Córdoba office will be located at 2035 José Echenique Street, in space F5.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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