JK7, the Uruguayan who started with his own collection of NFTs

JK7 is 22 years old and after quite a few months interacting with communities, learning about the whole blockchain industry and its underlying technologies, he became a web3 expert. Now, he launched his own NFT collection.

JK7 is 22 years old, is a student of systems engineering and for some time has been dedicated to learning and entrepreneurship on the web3. He preferred not to reveal his real name, but it is known that he is a Peñarol supporter and has spent many hours playing Fornite.

Among his virtues, JK7 he is committed to everything he sets out to do and gives 100% of himself to do what he is passionate about. This he did when he learned about blockchain technology, since much of what he learned was through YouTube tutorials.

In 2019 he became interested in cryptocurrencies and started researching market charts online. Over time, and after building relationships between users on the network who were interested in the same topics, he realized that his forte was NFTs. That was the beginning of his project.

Today, his venture is called V1P$. and succeeded, among other things, because of the dedicated work JK7 put in for months, learning about non-fungible tokens and gaining the trust of other hobbyists, who were interested in NFTs as collectible and exchangeable assets.

His effective learning and digital connections he made, gave the best expected result for him, to be recognized in the ecosystem and even mentioned by one of the most known Spanish speaking youtuber. Willyrex. He came to be described as a “consultant in NFT”, quite an achievement for JK7, who had a huge effort and dedication in what interested him to get where he is today.

Currently, his NFT project is the number one in Spanish-speaking countries. Although in Uruguay there are still no people dedicated 100% to this field, his outstanding status in the Web3 and the confidence of his colleagues, made JK7 dare to launch a collection of 999 NFTs. V1P$ with a collection of 999 NFTs. These were designed with artificial intelligence by Kronix, a Venezuelan artist.

With his outstanding status on the Web3 and the confidence of his colleagues, JK7 launched his company V1P$ and one Saturday he put on sale his collection of 999 NFT, designed with artificial intelligence by Kronix, a Venezuelan artist who, after this feat, according to the Uruguayan, “will be able to leave Venezuela and solve his economic problems”.

The value of the NFTs started at USD$70 and the most expensive tokens reached USD$6000. Within minutes, all 999 non-fungible tokens in the collection had sold out and JK7 had achieved a valuation of USD$82,000 within minutes.

JK7 himself expressed his joy for the success and, above all, he appreciated that he did not receive any complaints from the people who had purchased the NFTs. He also added that many users have told him that they have already recovered and even earned from secondary sales in other markets.

Part of the proceeds were distributed among the entire team and the rest will be used to incorporate new personnel to strengthen the project and provide more services to the holders of its digital assets.

On the other hand, the shares of the company he created went up to $250, and as people join his community and get to know the project better, the more they ask him to launch a Volume II of the collection as soon as possible!

Among the benefits that can be found by owners of NFTs created by V1P$, is the key to access groups of experts and advisors of this new industry and all its underlying technologies.In addition, the opportunity to belong to more closed and private groups beyond their community, which are dedicated to be analyzing the NFT market and cryptocurrencies seven days a week.

The aim of the project is to sell knowledge about the future that is coming and to open doors of access to a present that already merges the real and digital worlds.

Finally, JK7 is clear that beyond the business, what he values most is teamwork and being able to understand the whole ecosystem together with his colleagues. This is what excites him to continue and spend every day talking about NFT and experiences.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.