Javier Mascherano launches NFTs after partnership with SaaSGo

Javier Mascherano and SaaSGo partnered for the launch of a proprietary NFT marketplace and NFT collection. The former Barcelona and Liverpool footballer, among others, was announced a month ago as an ambassador of the decentralized SaaS Web3 platform.

SaasGois a decentralized SaaS Web3 platform and announced that former Argentine soccer player Javier Mascherano is the new brand ambassador and will create his own exclusive marketplace for NFTs and an NFT collection on its platform.

SaaSGohas several services within its project, among them are: allowing users to create their own decentralized exchanges of digital assets, participation in the DAO, code-free NFT marketplace, minting non-fungible tokens, DeFi services and on-ramp (fiat cryptocurrencies) available for more than 150 fiat currencies and more than 12,000 cryptoassets.

Mascherano ambassador of SaaSGo

The former Barcelona footballer was named official brand ambassador for SaaSGo in November 2022. With that role, Mascherano will help the software-as-a-service platform to get other brands, companies and projects to integrate Web3 and the entire ecosystem of underlying technologies that this new industry is offering to the world.

SaaSGo commented on the partnership with the former soccer player and were excited about the opportunity to give total creative freedom to a true world-class soccer player like Mascherano. In addition, the SaaSGo team said that while some celebrities are basking in their past glory, Javier is constantly on the move, looking to the future and finding innovative solutions for himself and his team.

Exclusive market of NFTs and Mascherano NFTs

SaaSGo and Mascherano worked hard on the development of a unique digital collection that will provide different utilities for other projects. Each NFT collectible has a record on the blockchain and consequently, users will gain ownership of the non-fungible token through purchase on the platform or through other secondary markets.

The owners of the NFTs will be able to have different exclusivities from Javier Mascherano and participate in exclusive meetings with him. Also, they will be able to win other special collector’s items and more surprises that will be revealed as the project grows.

In addition, Mascherano’s NFT marketplace powered by SaaSGo is implemented under a customized ERC-721 smart contract. Among the scheduled benefits are royalty rates and payment customization, a whitelist for early project entry, and verification mechanism. Also, the SaaSGo NFT marketplace will allow holders the ability to create their own NFT collections.

SaaSGo, will issue limited OATs of the Javier Mascherano collection to followers and fans of the former Argentina National Team player, with the aim of joining forces and waiting together for the launch and purchase of the NFTs on December 10. On the other hand, to be chosen, users will have to have completed different tasks that were carried out between November 28 and December 4 on their official giveaway page.

Mascherano, interested in NFTs and Web3 services

A year ago, Mascherano had already taken an interest in this new technology and industry that are the NFTs and even made his knowledge public with a tweet he made in December last year when he highlighted the collection NFT Ecclubwhich sought to raise funds to allocate them to different social aid in the Galapagos Islands.

In addition, the former Liverpool footballer is also an official ambassador of Alchemy PayAlchemy Pay, a platform that links fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies and Web3 services worldwide.

In December of last year, he also promoted a Spidey Flokia project that sought to contribute to a children’s charity at Christmas. There were rewards in NFTs, BUSD (up to $5000).

NFT World Cup in New York

Mascherano and SaaSGo will hold a launch ceremony for limited edition World Cup NFTs. The celebration was held on December 5 in New York and in addition to the World Cup NFTs, exclusive NFT shoes were presented.

The exclusive NFT shoe was launched thanks to a partnership between SaaSGo, Mascherano and Stepn, a Web3 lifestyle app that rewards users equipped with Stepn NFT and their outdoor movements (walking, jogging or running).

This event was attended by several guests linked to the blockchain industry. Also, the event was funded by PVD or Positive Venture DAO, a decentralized autonomous investment organization influential among the Generation Z.

Who is Javier Mascherano?

Javier Mascherano is a former Argentine football player and current coach of the Argentina U-20 national team. He is also the second player with the most appearances in the Argentina National Team, after Messi.

He won a total of 23 titles during his career in which the following stand out:

  • 5 Spanish leagues

  • 2 Champions League

  • 2 Club World Cups

  • 2 Gold Medals at the Olympic Games

About SaaSGo

SaaSGo is a Web3 platform and offers Software as a Service that manages the blockchain infrastructure on the backend. Also, it provides features such as hybrid payments (buying/selling cryptoassets or fiat currency), support for various blockchain (more than 30), development suite and ad marketplace. Finally, the goal of the platform and SaaSGo as a company is that users can lower the barrier of entry to Web3.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.