Jack Daniel’s and Yahoo Launch Augmented Reality Game with NFTs on Polygon’s Network

Jack Daniel’s struck a partnership with Yahoo Creative Studios and together they will launch a game developed primarily with augmented reality (AR) technology and focused on digital collectibles such as NFTs.

Jack Daniel’sis the best known whiskey brand in the world, was founded 156 years ago in Tennessee, United States, and is currently partnering with Yahoo Creative Studios for the development and launch of a Web3 project focused on augmented reality (AR) and digital collectibles such as NFTs on the Polygon network.

Said Web3 project is a Pokémon GO-style game for mobile devices that leverages AR technology and employs a map-based system to place rewards and boxes of Jack Daniel’s at users’ local locations. So far, they have confirmed that the launch will be primarily in five Australian cities, but the goal is to expand the game globally.

On the other hand, some key features of the game have already been confirmed, including the possibility that players will be able to find AR boxes of Jack Daniel’s on their maps, they will be able to open them in order to obtain digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens created on the Polygon blockchain.

In addition, users will have the opportunity to store their earnings in a customized digital wallet created specifically by Yahoo Creative Studios. Yahoo Creative Studios for this partnership with the world’s most famous whiskey brand.

This wallet will be used to reveal the prizes that users will unlock based on the contents of the AR boxes. Among the most important benefits are coupons for drinks, an exclusive trip to the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Tennessee and music tracks or videos in NFTs format of three recognized Australian bands, which are: Winston Surfshirt, Stand Atlantic y Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

In total there will be around 2000 tracks available to players, who once found, will be able to mint them as digital collectibles in the format of NFTs on the Polygon network and also, move them to marketplace such as OpenSea to create an actual NFT, which will include royalties for the artists directly.

Moreover, this new project was initiated after Jack Daniel’s filed its trademark application to create services in the metaverse and NFTs in September last year. If you don’t know the news, you can read it on our website “Jack Daniel’s applies for patents for NFTs and metaverse.“.

Jack Daniel’s AR Boxes in one of the five cities in Australia

Dimitra TassopoulosSenior Brand Manager of the American brand in Australia, spoke about this new Web3 project after its trademark registration and commented that the objective of Jack Daniel’s is to push the limits and consider doing things in a different and innovative way.

He added that this campaign will also include traditional marketing elements such as outdoor and digital activities, social media ads and even virtual or physical events. However, the general idea of this new game based mainly on augmented reality and non-fungible tokens, is a clear sign of the brand’s intentions to generate new and innovative services.

Dimitra also talked about the experience players will have through music. He explained that NFT Music Tracks offers a modern twist and allows users to manage to own and collect unique music tracks from Australia’s best known artists.

Finally, the campaign Jack Daniel’s campaign on Web3 undoubtedly shows the willingness of one of the most famous brands in the world to embrace new technologies and merge them with creative but traditional marketing strategies, since the goal is to make its audience feel the real value of its services.

Only time will tell if this case is the kick-off for the world of NFTs and augmented reality to continue to grow and see how other brands follow Jack Daniel’s lead in incorporating the new technologies that have been emerging in recent years.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.