Italian company offers accommodation bookings via NFT

The hospitality and tourism sector continues to take positive steps in the field of NFT and blockchain, adding additions day by day to encourage the adoption of this technology that continues to grow.

Many times when people talk about NFT, web3 and blockchain, one of the first unknowns is in which real-life cases they come to provide a particular utility, to be able to solve these problems that current systems have not yet been able to solve.

In this situation we are going to mention the novelty of a company of Italian origin called Takyonwith its recent creation of a fare system linked to distributed ledger technology (DLT), based on non-fungible tokens as a unit of reference. In this way, this company intends to make a radical change in the way users appreciate travel.

This recently created system has a mechanism based on the so-called Resellable Rates. For a better understanding of the subject, it should be noted that a re-sellable fare is a new type of non-refundable fare that allows the guest to transfer it, sell it or give it away if an unforeseen event occurs that prevents the guest from making the trip, and therefore making use of the reservation.

In this way, it is becoming known as the new non-refundable fare modality, highly requested by tourists and travelers after the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the Italian company Takyonthis new type of rates is possible, and it works when a guest books an accommodation through a resellable rate. In these situations, the company generates a non fungible token (NFT), which represents the ownership of the reservation made, using blockchain technology.

Being a non-fungible token, it can be transferred securely and transparently, which can be verified by anyone around the world, thanks to the distributed data registry offered by blockchain technology, and consult various data linked to the NFT, such as the addresses that have had the token in their possession, the date it was generated, which address currently holds it, among others, without the need for all these intervening parties to know each other, or to meet somewhere to carry out the transfer of the reservation.

In the following section, we can mention some of the benefits for guests:

* To be able to resell the NFT from the reserve in Takyon’s marketplace, or other secondary marketplace;

* Be able to resell the NFT of the reservation until 11:59hs the day before check-in;

* The sale of the NFT of the reservation can carry the price that the guest wants, it does not have a fixed price to respect;

* It is not necessary to read any insurance policy or contract conditions to make the sale or purchase of the NFT of the reservation;

* Obtain benefits when making the NFT booking, such as discounts on the standard rate, etc.

On the other hand, we can mention the benefits offered to the accommodations:

* The accommodation does not have to worry about the issuance of the NFT, as this is taken care of by Takyon;

* The host does not need to have a wallet or know about blockchain or NFT, the company takes care of the operation;

* The accommodation receives a royalty of 2.5% commission on the value of each subsequent resale of the NFT of the reservation;

* The lodging must not make any investment or purchase any technology system.

Attentive to the possibility that the guest himself can resell the reservation, and put the price you want, if the accommodation considers that being a high season date, you can buy it to the guest himself, so that they can sell it later.

Takyon is a startup developed by three people, with a common goal: to radically change the travel booking commerce in Italy. These three people are the young entrepreneurs Antonio Picozzi, Giuseppe Monteleone and Niccoló Francesco Marino, partners of PotPot.

Antonio Picozzi says that travel and hotel services need a new paradigm, to simplify the functions that are performed every year. Antonio believes that NFTs are the missing element in all these activities.

Giuseppe Monteleone, instead of talking about changes, refers to the advantages offered by NFTs in these fields. Many benefits are offered to all players in the travel and accommodation sector.

The first Spanish lodging that has adhered to this system, is Coimpact Colivingin Barcelona. Gian Franco Mercado, the marketing and innovation manager, says that to start with they are implementing it in Coimpact Coliving Bruc, to analyze the results and to be able to carry out a progressive implementation in their other colivings.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express