IT x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop: Terrifying Fusion of Digital and Physical Collectibles

IT x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop! marks the famous Stephen King movie’s first foray into the world of digital collectibles. Non-fungible tokens will be available from June 20, 2023, on the Wax blockchain.

Funko Digital has announced its latest collaboration in the NFT industry, teaming up with the eerie world of Warner Bros and the iconic franchise of Pennywise from ‘IT’. Firstly, the digital collectibles will be available in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but fans will also have the opportunity to obtain the chilling figures of the different residents of the mysterious town of Derry.

There will also be animated and static digital trading cards, as many of the drawings from this extensive collection will be turned into physical Funko Pop figures. These items will be hosted on the Wax blockchain in a series of 3D animated NFT cards, and as mentioned earlier, the toys can be made physical and redeemable for interested collectors.

The NFTs can be acquired in the form of Digital Pop packs, and collectors will have the chance to discover one of these hidden gems, which will later be rewarded with a free limited-edition collectible vinyl figure.

This unique feature adds an additional layer of excitement and a new experience of collecting digital objects that will then become physical collectibles. Additionally, Standard and Premium Digital Pops can be acquired.

These two types of packs, for fans to choose from, offer the following features:

  • The Standard pack includes 5 Digital Pop!™ figures.
  • The value of the Standard packs is $9.99 USD.
  • The Premium pack includes 15 Digital Pop!™ figures.
  • The final value of the Premium packs is $29.99 USD.

Payments can be made with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other credit cards.

Both Standard and Premium packs will have 21,250 NFTs minted for each.

In order to enhance the excitement and immersive experience of this new partnership between Funko and the renowned movie IT, a redemption system has been introduced, adding value to the collection journey. This system involves collecting any Digital Pop, represented as Legendary or Grail figures, and then being able to redeem them for a rare and exclusive physical collectible that perfectly matches the acquired Digital Pop.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that completing the Royalty collection, which means obtaining one of each common, uncommon, rare, and epic Digital Pop, will unlock the opportunity to receive a limited-edition physical collectible figure designed exclusively for this release.

The redemption system will be issued directly to collectors’ accounts 120 days after the launch for anyone who has obtained the Royalty, Legendary, or Grail Digital Pop NFTs. The physical collectibles will be redeemed within 30 days of receiving the redemption token.

Therefore, collectors must submit their requests within the aforementioned timeframe. Qualified wallets will receive the redemption token on October 18, and they will have until November 17 to claim their physical IT figure. Subsequently, Funko will distribute the toys to their rightful owners in the second quarter of 2024.

This collaboration between IT and Funko promises to be exciting for both fans of the movie and collectors of the most renowned toys in the world. Furthermore, with the fusion of digital collectibles and physical items, Funko continues its foray into the revolution of truly innovative products, capturing the essence of the most popular franchises.

Lastly, fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in new and enticing ways in the beloved worlds of their favorite series and movies.

Written by Rodrigo Catalán (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.