Hyundai and KIA: Car brands joining the NFTs movement

Hyundai Motor Co. and KIA America join the NFT industry with collections that promise exclusivity and personalized real-world promotions to their owners.

Hyundai and KIA America, globally recognized brands and companies in the automotive industry intervene in the NFTs market and launch different collections of non-fungible tokens.

KIA America is releasing a collection of NFTs for the marketing campaign for its new KIA Soul 2023 car. The advertisement The ad is 40 seconds long and features three characters known as “The Dead Army Skeleton Klub“, a kind of skeletonized people that show you the new Soul 2023 car where also, they include a unique QR to scan and get one of the 10,100 non fungible tokens offered by the offer of one of the most known companies related to the production of cars.

In addition, KIA had already launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs called “Robo Dog NFT”, these are ten thousand non-fungible tokens personified as robot dogs, with the aim of helping real-life animals in need by purchasing your own “Regenerative Robo Dog NFT”. It was learned that 90 percent of the proceeds from initial sales will be donated to the Petfinder Foundation to fund adoption fees and ensure that animals in need find forever homes.

The new collection launched by KIA America of the new Soul 2023 car will have hand-drawn images of both the new KIA product and “The Dask”, the skeletonized characters mentioned above. Thus, confirming the collaborations between the two projects that seek to fully enter the NFTs industry.

Finally, the vice president of Marketing for KIA America stated that “the Souls are as unique as the NFTs, and KIA’s goal is to innovate and be at the forefront of new technologies for the search of present and future customers”.

On the other hand, Hyundai Motor Co. launched the collection of 5,000 NFTs, the second one after partnering with Meta Kongz in April this year. There were 30 NFTs and they announced it through a video where they join the Kongz, a collection of 3D monkeys that became one of the most popular non-fungible tokens in the market, and the 1975 Pony, an emblematic and iconic car of the Korean-based car brand.

Currently, with the collection of the 5,000 NFTs called the IONIQ 6Hyundai promises to fully enter the non-fungible token industry and furthermore, the metaverse.

Metamobility (virtual space that the company plans to create) means the infinite possibility of human reach. There, you will be able to move freely from the present to the future. From anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the blink of an eye.

It promises no more boundaries between imagination and reality, or past, present and future.

In this new Metamobility universe, time and space are unlimited, Hyundai’s Metamobility NFT transcends time and space.

This collection comes with different benefits in the real world and the digital world, some of them are:

  • VIP access to the Hyundai metaverse.

  • Access to events in a virtual space called “Ioniq Digital Garage”.

  • Early access to future collections with different models and NFTs.

Finally, the IONIQ 6 collection was created with different rarities, since, the amount of NFTs are so many, each one will unlock a different functionality within the metaverse. The different rarities from the most common to the rarest are separated into:

  • Entertainment.

  • Social.

  • Work.

  • Healing.

  • Fun driving.

  • Stress-free driving.

We will have to wait to see what functionalities and benefits these different cars will have within the metaverse in the form of NFTs.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.