Hugo Boss and Imaginary Ones announce NFT collection

The international fashion brand has announced a partnership with Imaginary Ones to launch an exclusive NFT collection and the incorporation of metaverse experiences.

The renowned fashion brand becomes another of the large companies that decide to integrate blockchain technology and the field of non-fungible tokens.

A division of the fashion company created in 1923 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss is working in an alliance with Imaginary Ones to create the first NFT collection of the brand, in addition to achieving an immersive experience for its customers in the metaverse. From Hugo Boss they express their intention to revitalize their brand in these last months of 2022.

In the last hours they have announced this collaboration officially through their Twitter account, by which they refer that from HUGO’s company they are very happy to announce the news. This alliance comes hand in hand with the launch of a collection of 1001 NFT of 3D animated characters, entitled Embrace Your Emotions (EYE) which refers to the different moods of people, and its launch will be in early November.

The main objective they seek through this collection, is to encourage the public to connect with their emotions, and get the message across that all feelings that involve people, whether positive or not, are valid and have to be accepted as they are. In addition, they emphasize the importance of freedom of feeling and that we can improve the mental health and well-being of everyone.

On the other hand, the official announcement states that a 360-degree metaverse experience will be offered. Although no further information has been provided in this regard, we may note that there is a high probability of finding experiences related to augmented reality, artificial intelligence, among other technologies.

Among other information provided, the 1001 NFT collection will include exclusive T-shirt designs, in which the first 500 NFT will be reserved for those who sign up on a waiting list and purchase an exclusive phygital T-shirt. Each T-shirt will then have a QR code associated with it, which when scanned will take the user to a special Snapchat lens, generating an interactive augmented reality experience.

Regarding the other 500 NFT, they will be available among the NFT holders of the Imaginary Ones collection. These holders will have several benefits, such as receiving a 10% discount valid for 10 months to be used in any Hugo Boss store worldwide, merchandising items, immersive experiences, among others. This Imaginary Ones collection is composed of 8,888 animated characters, has a starting price of 0.73ETH (approximately $980 usd), and a sales volume of 12,000 ETH on OpenSea.

The Hugo Boss NFT collection will be inspired by 5 characters, which represent the different emotional stages that people go through, which are: love, joy, sadness, fear and anger. As for exclusive units, there will be 6 NFT that will be truly exclusive and with the highest level of rarity. And in commemoration of October 10th as the World Mental Health Day, a sixth character will be available for purchase, which will include all emotions in one.

One of the most relevant features is that the proceeds from the sale of the special character will be donated to a mental health program called Youth Aware of Mental Health.

Hugo Boss Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Miah Sullivan, has stated that the metaverse is an exciting new space for fashion brands, and has a lot of potential for the brand. He also shared his joy in collaborating with Imaginary Ones to offer the 1001 NFT collection, and that they will fulfill their main objective of conveying a message of self-acceptance, an issue that represents the spirit of the Hugo Boss brand.

On the other hand, the co-founder of Imaginary Ones, Clement Chia, also celebrated the alliance with Hugo Boss, stating that it will be the first Asian collection to work together with an international fashion brand. He also stressed the importance of being able to promote inclusion and diversity for everyone.

We can mention other cases of fashion brands that this year have joined the web3, NFT and metaverse, such as GUCCI with its first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) together with SuperRare; or even LOUIS VUITTON with its NFTs and digital assets exchange application.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express