How to use Drops? Zora’s new tool

Drops is the new tool launched by Zora, a platform with different resources for creators. This time, Drops will provide the possibility of implementing large and unique NFT collections. In this article, we will see what it is all about.

Before knowing what Drops is, let’s start by explaining what it is. Zora. This project is a universal media registration protocol. In other words, it’s a way for creators to publish creative media, earn money from their work, and have other users build and share what they create.

Zoraas a universal media registration protocol, facilitates the purchase, creation or sale of any NFT in a decentralized and permissionless manner on the Ethereum blockchain. Crypto-users besides calling it a protocol, also call it as a hyperstructure tool.

In the world of NFTs, we know that there are a range of do-it-yourself solutions for minting non-fungible tokens. Zora, also allows you creations such as 1:1 (unique standalone assets), limited edition collections, limited edition collections such as 1:10 (which have 10 copies of a piece) and even Nounish drops (1 NFT released every day).

However, Zora Dropsis the first service that anyone can use to create 1:1 caps, where each piece is unique, but at the same time, is part of a larger collection as a whole.

Below, we review why the tools provided by Zora Drops with its release could be useful, as they are user-friendly features that can be controlled by the user. Some of them are:

  • Gas efficiency: coining costs are quite economical.

  • Integrated sales: this feature makes native public and pre-sale mechanisms available for token aggregation.

  • UX without code: it will be possible to implement the NFT’s own metadata and smart contracts without the need to be a programmer.

  • Simple uploads: batch upload of prepared folders of single files.

The Zora Drops® FrontEnd loading system

Creating Drops: NFTs 1:1

To use Zora Drops it is a matter of following a few steps:

  • Go to and connect the wallet.

  • Click on the “Drop” button,

  • Load the metadata folder of your choice.

  • You can preview and modify possible mints.

  • Complete the parameters of your collection.

  • You complete the mint transaction with a wallet signature. Done, that’s it!

  • Example of a Drops “Preview” user interface inside Drops

    Providing more flexibility for creators

    Suppose you are a poet and you want to mint a collection of 100 unique poems at a time, created by you.

    Previously, you could have gone to any NFT minting platform and manually minted one poem at a time. The process would have been endless and would have taken you several hours to implement each of these NFTs individually with hundreds of clicks included.

    However, with Zora DropsZora Drops, creators can now simply upload a folder of single pieces, such as 100 poems. Subsequently, you can use a streamlined user interface to prepare and publish these works to a large collection of non-fungible tokens.

    Also, as we have said before, you would have required hundreds of clicks, but now it will be just a couple, so the UX advancement is significantly positive here. This step forward by Zora Drops is the latest creative resource in the NFT ecosystem and could clearly be the tool that once and for all is the solution to minting a large number of non-fungible tokens in a collection.

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    Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.