How to never miss a mint, airdrop or token gate again: Daylight

Daylight, a new tool in the NFT ecosystem, is all about eliminating manual project fragmentation and serving as an automated hub for your wallet to track what can be done at any given time. Let’s get started.

Suppose you are in some DAOs projects and have DeFi tokens and NFTs. These positions can provide different rights such as accessing to token-controlled chats, claiming airdrops, minting different NFTs and participating in government voting, among many other things.

What is the problem here? Fragmentation. Currently, in order to take advantage of this kind of interesting opportunities that the market offers, you have to manually follow the news about all the projects that interest you. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and demotivated by missing out on investment opportunities.

Today we will learn about a platform, which although in beta version, can function as an automated single aisle center to track and learn what until today had to be done manually and tediously.

Daylightis a cryptographic wallet discovery service based on Ethereum. By connecting your wallet to the platform, Daylight will gather all the current trends and opportunities proposed by the web3 ecosystem for you.The project calls these opportunities in web3 as “skills”, and being in Beta function, it is only allowing entry to wallets that have many skills available.

If your main wallet is not among the features Daylight allows you to join the project, don’t worry. You can join the newsletter via your email to receive a notification when the app is finally available to the public at large or follow it on your unique social network, Twitter.

However, if your main wallet has enough skills to get on the allowed list and test the Beta feature, you will be required to accumulate a Dawn Pass NFT, which will be directly linked to your address to allow you to log in and use the Daylight platform.

Once inside, you can go to your profile to see the recall of skills that are now open and use the settings to determine whether you want to receive a daily or weekly email about new skills as they come in.

In terms of actually acting on the opportunities provided by this project, you have to go to the skills center on the Daylight dashboard, where you can filter, review, and then click to learn about the activities you are interested in. To give you an idea of the possible examples of the Skills you can see, it would be something like this:

Before this application, the skills shown in the picture above, were performed by a manual monitoring of all web3 opportunities. It sounds tedious, since, it involves monitoring about a dozen projects.

With Daylight, you can get the action items from different DAOs, DeFi and NFTs that your wallet has available and seem convenient.

Among the services offered by Daylight are: creating an NFT, claiming releases from the air, unlocking chats based on special tokens, claiming POAPs, voting on proposals in DAOs, unlocking events, renewing ENS and unlocking NFTs stores, among other things that the app will provide as it develops.

This service has been in high demand by users involved in the blockchain industry and all its underlying technologies in recent years. Daylight has made a tool that will undoubtedly be able to streamline the processes so that newcomer participants as well as, veterans, can visualize in a simple way and with a few clicks all the opportunities provided by the market.

In addition, the people behind this project that promises a before and after in the way of researching and knowing which actions are the most convenient for a user are:

Consequently, this application could facilitate this type of services and people who, in particular, interact with non-fungible tokens on a daily basis.

Finally, we will have to wait for Daylight to evolve as it adds even more abilities with which it can favor users before offering a version for everyone.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.