Hi together with Polygon to launch personalized debit card with NFT

Hi, together with Polygon, introduced the new platform that will allow its users to generate an NFT using their favorite image and use it to customize the face of a Web3 debit MasterCard.

Hihas struck a partnership with Polygon Studios to launch a new platform powered by Polygon’s blockchain that will allow new NFTs to be generated using the image of your choice.

The image can be a vacation photo with your family, your friends, a beloved pet or simply your profile picture on the social networks that represent you. Subsequently, that NFT will be used to personalize the face of a branded Web3 debit card. MasterCard.

For the time being, it will be available for 25 countries in Europe plus the UK and you can join the waiting list for the cards by downloading the app. On iOS here and on Android here.

To learn how to mint your own NFT you should go to polygon.hi.com and apply for an NFT Debit MasterCard at Hi.

Freedom for Web3 creators

With this collaboration, anyone will be able to personalize an NFT card and use the card to spend cryptocurrencies and/or fiat money at around 90 million merchants that accept MasterCard worldwide.

On every transaction, debit cardholders will be able to earn spending rewards of up to 10%, earn reimbursements on up to 20 digital subscriptions, and earn Hi will have the ability to earn spending rewards of up to 10%, earn rebates on up to 20 digital subscriptions, and earn various travel benefits to multiple travel destinations.

Coining your own NFT

Through collaboration with Polygon StudiosHi’s platform for creators, simplifies the process of generating NFTs and makes it easier and faster for anyone to mint their own NFT using any image they want. In addition, the gas cost of minting non-fungible tokens will be waived, meaning that the opportunity to create your own NFT for the Hi debit card will be 100% free.

In order to celebrate this big announcement, Hi decided to reduce the membership level for NFT customization. Consequently, Hi Silver members and above will be eligible to create their own personalized card.

In order for participants to register in Hi and achieve Silver Tier status, they will have to stake the native HI token. As I mentioned earlier, users from more than 25 European countries, as well as the UK, will in principle have access to the customizable MasterCard debit card to be launched in the last days of 2022.

Hi Crypto and MasterCard join forces

Hi Crypto and Fiat Debit MasterCard, is the first card program of its kind that will enable NFT to be customized on a physical card and get thousands of users to spend digital assets such as cryptoassets and at the same time fiat currencies at more than 90 million merchants that accept MasterCard worldwide.

This card will be equipped with innovative functionality including Buy-Now-Convert-Later technology and convenient EUR and GBP top-ups via a personal IBAN. The card also allows you to earn crypto rewards while spending and travel benefits according to your membership level, and so much more.

Words from the most important people in the alliance

Sean Rachco-founder of Hi, said that the cards with NFTs will not only look amazing on an aesthetic level, but will also be a great way for people to show what online community they belong to, but now brought into the real world.

In addition, Rach also referred to the flexibility he is looking for with his new product, as it will be more flexible to spend fiat money, stable currencies or cryptocurrencies. In addition, the combination of attractive financial rewards will make the user trust the card and change the rules of the game in the market.

Christian RauSenior Vice President of Crypto And Fintech Enablement at MasterCard, also spoke about the partnership with Hi. MasterCardalso spoke about the partnership with Hi and said that as consumer interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs grows, MasterCard is confident in making them an accessible payment option for communities that wish to use them.

He also concluded by saying that they are proud and very happy to work together with Hi to initiate an innovation in the market and enable customizable cards along with the security that MasterCard has earned for so many years.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.