Hennessy and Friends With Benefits DAO launch NFT collection “Café 11”.

Maison Hennessy, one of the iconic cognac manufacturing companies, partnered with the DAO Friends With Benefits and together, they launched an NFT collection called Café 11. What is it about? At NFTs express we explain it to you.

Hennessyis one of the oldest and most famous cognac manufacturers in the world. The company was created in France in 1765 when the Irishman Richard Hennessy was rewarded by King Louis XV with land in a village called Cognac.

Currently, the company is managed by another company called Diageo, of British origin, which is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages worldwide.

This week saw the unveiling of Maison Hennessy’s commercial and strategic alliance with Friends With Benefits DAO, to launch a collection of NFTs called Café 11. Holders of these NFTs will have access to a new brand initiative on Web3, meaning that owners of the non-fungible tokens will be able to enjoy a “dynamic art space” with a host of benefits and exclusivities, both virtually, but also, in real life.

Friends With Benefits DAOalso known as FWB, is a network of collaborators, who seek to create communities through their community, they call themselves “The home of many subcultures”.

FWB exists as an ecosystem of three verticals: symbiotic relationships, a decentralized creative studio, and an endless group chat.

This social DAO is in full growth and currently has approximately 3000 members, among them are artists, builders and thinkers from different cultural and cryptographic sectors. The goal of this Decentralized Autonomous Organization is to be able to channel the power of Web3 as a tool that comes to create and make things happen in this new Internet.

FWB was created in the early 2020s and has since become a model for how to build a successful DAO. From the community, a wide variety of events, collaborations and products can be produced that meet the needs of people and boost the cultural levels of societies.

In addition, they already have their own cryptocurrency called $FWBwhich is directly linked to the DAO. Owning a $FWB token allows to encourage community participation and generate value collectively among the community. All members who want to be in this DAO, will have to have this cryptoasset, since it guarantees the commitment with the DAO and the projects that are created, such as Hennessy and Café 11.

Finally, and to finish getting to know Friends With Benefits, you should know that its mission is to make Web3 the technology that empowers creators, and to distribute knowledge and resources globally. The way this DAO wants to accomplish these actions is through transparency, fluidity and flexibility.

What is the NFT collection of Café 11 by Hennessy and FWB DAO?

The name of this collection (Café 11) is linked to the time when the Hennessy Tasting Committee meets. With this initiative, the makers of one of the oldest cognacs brings its 257-year legacy to the NFT industry and blockchain technology. A curated space will be created to meet, share and create. The exclusive coffee produced for this collection will be available to all Café 11 NFTs tattoos, but also, to the 3000+ members of Friends With Benefits.

In addition, New York-based artist John Dessereau designed the NFTs through FWB, which played the role of a “creative agency.” The collection of non-fungible tokens will only have 1765 NFTs available with the idea to reflect the founding year of the Hennessy company. The NFTs have already gone on sale The tokens were launched on November 4 at $450 each.

Café Eleven’s Inaugural IRL Event

To celebrate the launch of this NFT collection, Hennessy will host a real-life inaugural Art Basel Miami event to be held on December 1, 2022. Those who attend will be able to experience different tastings of its cognac, enjoy a variety of culinary events and entertainment such as live music, exhibitions and other experiences.

Laurent Boillotchairman and CEO of Hennessy, spoke about the NFT collection and the partnership with FWB and said that supporting cutting-edge creations is a policy that Hennessy loves to do. He added that the adoption of dozens of cultures has always been one of the most important points in this process of more than 250 years.

He also spoke about FWB and said that he has a deep passion for art and culture, which is why he decided to partner in this way with the DAO that promotes these verticals and ideals as well as Hennessy. He ended his words by saying that both Hennessy and FWB are shaping a world of new possibilities, both digitally, but also, in real life.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.