Hello Pets The Disney of Web3?

Hello Pets, is an open entertainment project for people to join in the storytelling and creation of NFT art. Currently, they have their own PFP collection and the company’s ultimate goal is to be able to become the Disney of Web3.

Hello Pets wants to become the Disney of Web3, as, it is a project that seeks to constantly build an ecosystem around open entertainment, where people from the community can join in storytelling and creating shared IP art.

Initially, they started with a collection of pets and invite external collections of NFTs to get involved along with their owners and community artists with the goal of continuing to share IP and create both content and amazing products together with Hello Pets.

This project is taking full advantage of the latest technologies such as game engines, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing and much more so that different digital applications (movies, games, metaverse, music, etc) and also physical applications such as lego can be realized.

Web3 and the paradigm shift in the entertainment industry

In traditional entertainment, everyone knows many IPs that were part of their lives for many years, among them, we can find Disney, Marvel or DC Comics characters. The problem is that when artists want to use these IPs to create derivative works, they have to pay high IP clearance fees, spending a lot of time communicating, negotiating and signing contracts with the companies that own these IPs.

Here comes into play the world of NFTs, which in most cases, you only need to acquire a non-fungible token to obtain the intellectual property and consequently have the permission to create derivative works and integrate them into your own brand to create additional value.

Hello Petssaw this situation of NFTs and IP as a “win-win” for both parties, as they can use the IP to add fun to their brand and also attract different fans of this IP to their brand to expand the brand.

Another benefit of NFTs with intellectual property is the possibility of increasing the exposure of the NFT and in turn, increasing its value.

Hello Pets and NFT World IP licenses

Hello Pets is focused on taking full advantage of the opportunity offered by the new IP licensing mechanism of the NFT world to build an entertainment ecosystem in order to become the Disney of Web3.

To achieve your goals, Hello Pets wants to reach the mainstream market and invites the NFT community to accept its first main characters, which are adorable cats where people can emotionally connect with them and create derivative works in many art forms.

These art forms, as I mentioned earlier, can be found in different industries such as:

  • Movies: Hello Pets’ goal is to create an innovative film ecosystem around NFTs and with the help of different artists and communities. These non-fungible tokens can serve as movie roles and people holding the IP of the NFTs will be able to contribute to the production of content and participate in the storytelling.

  • Games: creating a game with famous NFT characters is another industry Hello Pets wants to work in. This space will be able to support game developers to create famous NFT characters in games, with carefully crafted 3D models, 3D rigging, and more.

  • AR and VR: the virtual reality and augmented reality industry is constantly growing and adoption, hence, Hello Pets wants to make available multiple NFTs collections to appear in the main AR and VR applications such as Snapchat lenses, Tik Tok effects, games developed with this technology and make people enjoy a more immersive experience.

  • Metaverse: another technology that is growing since the adoption of blockchain and Web3. The goal is to build and be able to explore an open world that is filled with the most well-known NFT characters in the world.

Also, there is the possibility of further experimentation in physical applications beyond the digital ones mentioned above. Some of these industries may include:

  • Home Decor: Hello Pets is working to allow people to design both the 3D model and the actual texture for home decor. This will allow NFT’s favorite characters to appear on your furniture or drawn on pillowcases, beds, sofas and more.

  • Lego-like toys: these toys will be designed with 3D models and blueprints for NFT characters and scenes. The goal is to create a physical metaverse with Lego-like figures and building blocks to provide real-world experiences.

On the other hand, Hello Pets has its own governance token called $PET and at the time of making this note it has a value of $0.13 cents.Also, a few hours ago they confirmed from the official Twitter account of the project that the token is already officially verified in Etherscan, since, it is an ERC-20 of the Ethereum network and can be acquired in Uniswap, Gateio and MEXC Global.

Finally, they confirmed the official partnership with the KuCoin crypto wallet called KuWallet. It is not yet known what benefits this partnership will bring to the Hello Pets community, but we at NFTexpress will stay tuned and report when there is news.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.