Gratitude Hotels: The revolutionary hotel experience with exclusive membership in NFT

Gratitude Hotels is a hotel project that seeks to integrate blockchain technology such as NFTs and cryptoassets with the aim of creating a new unique experience for its guests. In this note from NFTexpress you will know what this innovative project is all about.

Gratitude Hotels is a project specifically dedicated to the hotel industry and they are currently looking to integrate blockchain technology such as NFTs, DAO and cryptoassets, with the aim of creating a community of people who share the possibility of living unique and unforgettable experiences in an extremely luxurious environment.

They are currently launching an initial offering of non-fungible tokens called “Gratitude NFT Series“. These NFTs are unique digital collectibles that are based on blockchain technology. Consequently, it allows owners of these NFTs to verify that they own the digital assets, easily prove that they are authentic and also, to be tracked across the network. Gratitude Hotels’ idea is to create these NFTs as digital representations of rooms and different experiences within the hotel complex.

As I mentioned earlier, these NFTs represent a unique room or experience at Project Gratitude hotels and holders of digital collectibles can redeem them to book a stay in the room or experience that the non-fungible token represents.

In addition, there will soon be an open marketplace for owners to buy, sell or trade these NFTs or they can simply be purchased as a long-term investment.

On the other hand, owners of NFTs will have an additional exclusivity, since, Gratitude Hotels plans to organize different events and special privileges in which the owners of the non-fungible tokens will be able to enjoy by belonging to this new community that is being created around Gratitude Hotels.

Your own native token

Beyond the NFTs and the benefits they will give to their owners, Gratitude Hotel is working to launch its own cryptoasset called GRAT. This token is intended to be used as a form of payment within the hotel project’s community and will also be available on different exchange marketplaces. The GRAT token will be able to facilitate secure and fast transactions between community members.

The Gratitude Hotels community

Olivia and Kevin are a couple and both are strongly connected by two passions: travel and philanthropy. Together, they decided to make this new adventure a reality, as they had always dreamed of owning their own hotel.

Olivia and Kevin – Source: Twitter/Gratitude Hotels

The objective of Gratitude Hotelsformed especially by the two people I mentioned above, is to create a community that have different tastes in common such as: blockchain technology, that share a mentality of gratitude and prosperity and above all, that have the desire to be part of this new innovation that is an NFT hotel.

With the use of these technologies, Gratitude Hotels seeks to revolutionize the way hotels interact with their guests and to create a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone who visits one of the 4 rooms available in the project.

Benefits of coining NFTs

From the official Gratitude Hotels website, they confirmed that the first 30 users who manage to mint an NFT of the project will be represented as “OG Founders” and will receive the main benefits such as:

  • A membership for all future hotels presented by the Gratitude project.

  • A 20% discount for the following minting of other benefits developed by the hotel complex.

In addition, the owners of the first NFTs will be able to have a “Membership” card, which grants X number of stay in that hotel. On the other hand, those who manage to mint an NFT after this number I mentioned above, will only get an “Access Card” that grants benefits such as: access to the community and discounts for retreats around the world with associated communities.

DAO of Gratitude Hotels

Gratitude Hotels is also working to create a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This new way of running a company gives the members of the company a voice in how the project is executed. That is, the people who belong to this community will be able to vote on different decisions such as future NFT hotel locations, hotel names and much more.

Finally, the hotel project is called Gratitude Hotels, but its official website invites people to “Paradise On Earth” or “Paraíso en La Tierra” in Spanish. The idea is to create the future home of the world’s first “NFT Resort”.

In addition, the Gratitude Hotels access card will give back to the less fortunate and help further develop communities in Costa Rica, according to the official website.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.