Givenchy launches NFTs Phygital Drop with (b).STROY

Givenchy, one of the world’s best known luxury clothing brands, will launch its Phygital NFTs collection with the partnership of (b).STROY and the help of FELT ZINE. We at NFTexpress will explain what this new physical and digital collection is all about.

French luxury fashion brand, Givenchypartnered with the disruptive urban fashion start-up (b).STROY, and between the two created a collaboration that aims to present a series of physical goods, but backed by non-fungible tokens.

The NFTs, coined for the Givenchy x (b).STROY collaboration, were created by FELT Zinea collective of experimental artists at Web3, in association with Matthew Williams, Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams.

The IRL apparel collection will have a total of 360 individual garments that come in 6 different designs. Each is backed with an exclusive, limited edition NFT collectible, which will unlock various benefits for holders.

The Drop collection presents a look into the future of fashion through features such as inclusivity, innovative materials, silhouettes and details never seen before. Givenchy said that the partnership with (b).STROY is spectacular, as the urban clothing brand offers a kind of eternal loop of positive and negative space, layered colors and worn effects.

In addition, the goal of both clothing brands is to explore the shared love of fashion and contemporary art through experimental and innovative forms and treatments that people will undoubtedly love as they present this collection along with the boldness and fashion savvy shared by both companies.

The founder of FELT Zine, Mark Sabbwho is also an artist, curator and creative technologist, spoke about his collaboration with these two major clothing brands and said that his company is happy to collaborate with talents like Matthew Williams, which allowed him to freely create the aesthetics and interests reflected in the highest level of art and fashion he proposed. FELT Zine he proposed. He further added that together with Givenchy they are actualizing the inspiration while creating an effective contribution for Web3 and the whole NFTs industry.

On the other hand, the creative director of Givenchy, Matthew WilliamsHe also spoke about the collaborations and partnerships they have achieved with the companies and commented that together with Brick and Du, founders of (b).STROY, they have been friends for a long time and share the vision of fashion as an inclusive space to experiment and express themselves through personal style.

Also, he said that between the three of them they will focus on creating streetwear, with cool treatments focused on contemporary art and styling that is eye-catching for Web3.

To participate, collectors must purchase a physical garment through Givenchy’s official website, which has its own online store. Then, the brand’s team will send an email to the buyer containing a link to directly obtain their garment at NFT digital.

In addition, by having the NFT, owners of this Phygital will open the door to additional benefits and utilities at Givenchy. Among what could be learned, it includes a private access to the special membership program to be launched by the clothing brand in 2023.

Accessories for women will include the limited-edition Antigone Softshoulder bag, the G-tote Moon Cut-Out and G-tote boots and Shark Lockboots, which feature colorful optical prints on a denim base.

For men, there are urban elements including low-top sneakers, limited-edition Givenchy-designed caps and (b).STROY. multicolored and polka dot bootslimited edition caps with Givenchy and (b).STROY designs. Also, there are personalized caps and multicolored caps with Givenchy-only lettering.

Finally, this Givenchy collection is its second foray into the non-fungible token industry. The first was about a year ago with the collaboration of., an interesting digital collection that was developed through the Aura Blockchain Consortium, an initiative backed by Givenchy’s generating company, LVMH.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.