GAP brand enters the NFTs

In the upcoming season, the GAP brand has put its focus on NFTs, launching its own icons to the market, with a collection of classic models designed to dress various culture creators.

GAP Logo Remix originated in 2018 to celebrate the history of the iconic GAP logo and its importance in culture through the brand’s combination of logos over the past 50 years.

On the other hand, if we go to GAP’s official website GAP THREADS NFT edition has already been launched, which consists of different fashion-related artworks published on the site in NFT format, which are already priced and can be purchased, and even transferred to an external wallet and traded.

These icons created by GAP include classics reinvented in organic fabrics, using innovative water-saving techniques and featuring people who are influencing our culture through their styles and voices.

That is to say that the main focus of this new trend is oriented: on the one hand to the generation of environmental awareness, added to the trend in terms of fashion, and in turn all this linked together to the NFT to give it even more visibility, in addition to contributing to the adoption of non-fungible tokens.

GAP brings interesting on-chain initiatives, as well as the environmental issues that some zero-emission blockchains demand, which have their main objective in achieving the least amount of environmental pollution possible.

This new trend presented by GAP, is accompanied by celebrities from different fields such as art, culture, fashion, sports and entertainment, all in the same initiative. This initiative is developed in collaboration with the company Tezos (XTZ), which specializes in providing services through its own blockchain.

In addition, there are some garments that feature top artists, who were invited to support the cause and the campaign. GAP icons include pioneering artists and celebrities such as the New York Times best.

In this sense, the global director of GAP Marketing said that icons at GAP are a symbol of timeless individuality, and there is nothing more iconic than shaping culture by amplifying your true self and your talent. A GAP icon is a classic, mall standard.


In turn, in order to revive the classic T-shirt, or the iconic sweatshirt with the GAP logo and continue the brand’s commitment to amplify artists, the brand launched GAP LOGO REMIX.

The project was launched a few days ago and invites artists to design unique brand logos. Through user voting , the top 3 winning designs will be turned into GAP NFT and hoodies that will be sold physically on the website.

We can also corroborate on the official site that the dates for the different events that will take place during the Logo Remix event have already been set:

  • September 06-27: deadline for logo development,

  • October 03-10: deadline for voting for the best logos,

  • October 12: day of the announcement of the winners.

For more information on participation in the GAP brand logo customization, please visit the official site in the NFT section.

In this way, the U.S. apparel brand continues to expand in both the real and virtual worlds, in addition to brand launches and experiences with Club Roblox, for example.

What stands out most among the features of this novelty is the initiative to allow users to customize the GAP logo on the clothes of the new collection. The arrival of brands that are joining the web3 and NFTs every day is generating trends and encouraging adoption.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express