Galaxis announces accessible platform for creating NFTs

With the steady advance in NFT adoption, the Galaxis company has decided to develop a platform to allow anyone to create their own NFTs in a very accessible way.

Often one of the obstacles when creating an NFT is its relative complexity, if we refer to develop this token through its source code.

In this case, Galaxis comes to offer a service to simplify this activity. Through the domain, an NFT toolkit is offered to develop various decentralized communities.

On November 28, they announced the official launch of the beta version, which is accessible only by invitation to the new platform that will allow non-technical people to design and create dynamic utility-driven NFTs and manage their own communities through a trusted token.

Galaxis is a set of tools for the development of NFT, which does not involve the task of developing code and is ready to use. In this way, it transforms and enhances the relationship between content creators or designers and their community by giving NFTs various identity features, benefits for owners and communication opportunities, leading to a completely new interaction.

The complete solution offered by Galaxis, being open source and placing emphasis on cost reduction, is an unlimited set of decentralized tools that allow any user to create non-fungible tokens and monetize their audience.

Galaxis founder Andras Kristof said they want to see the communities that people can build using this platform. They have already seen several popular celebrities successfully using the platform, and hope to see more and more people come on board as the project continues to grow.

As for the projects previously launched with world famous celebrities, we can name the projects promoted by Val Kilmer, Mike Tyson and even Steve Aoki, using the same technology that now come to offer to the public.

In this way, many opportunities arise for artists, celebrities, athletes, sports fans, or also designers, art creators, museums, collectors, startups, social causes, and even open source projects.

A strong point to highlight of the Galaxis project is that it has achieved several partnerships with leading companies in the blockchain world, such as Chainlink, Polygon, Crossmint and Ethereum Name Service (ENS), to consolidate the project’s capabilities.

Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, congratulated the Galaxis team on the launch of this platform that facilitates the creation of NFTs for all types of users. Galaxis has been part of the Chainlink ecosystem for many years, and recently joined the Chainlink Build program to accelerate the adoption of its NFT platform.

In turn, the platform integrates Chainlink VRF for NFT creation, and enables users to access an equitable RNG to develop projects and deliver better NFT-based experiences.

Access to the beta version is by invitation only, and those projects interested in joining must submit a request by December 1, 2022.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express