Fundavita joins NFTs to fight against cancer

One of the foundations with one of the most relevant health causes has taken the initiative to launch its own NFT collection to fight cancer.

In the last few days, the “Fundavita” foundation announced the launch of its collection of non-fungible tokens as one of the actions of its campaign against cancer.

Fundavita is an NGO located in the province of Mendoza, which has been working for more than 25 years providing support to patients undergoing oncology treatments due to cancer, as well as supporting their families and public health.

It was founded in 1995 by Dr. Eduardo Terranova and Dr. Marcela Scotti de Terranova. The foundation’s doors are open to patients of any age, whether they are children, adolescents or adults, as well as to individuals or companies seeking to help them.

Among some of their activities, they support research and scientific development in the study of cancer; they support the incorporation of equipment and organization of medical services in the health system, among other issues.

This innovative campaign by Fundavita goes by the name of “Technology advances, so does our commitment in the fight against cancer”.It has been launched for the Christmas holiday season.

Thus, the main purpose of the launch of the collection is to receive all kinds of donations, which can be made in two ways, and destine them to the people who need them most.

The collection collection is composed of digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens, which is developed on Polygon’s blockchain and is published on the renowned marketplace of Carnival.Art.

As we have mentioned, the funds obtained from the sale of these collectibles will be destined to the various needs of patients who need and receive support from Fundavita’s social area.

Those who buy an NFT from the collection, besides contributing to Fundavita’s cause, will become members of the community. Fundavita NFTsThey can later obtain multiple benefits for having a collectible from their collection.

With this novel fundraising methodology, new alternatives are offered to enter the Web3 field, through the launch of a collection of NFTs to strengthen the accompaniment of patients throughout their treatment for which they have specialized.

Each NFT will have drawings of Christmas cards, as well as drawings made by children undergoing cancer treatment. In this way, they turn them into non-fungible tokens and enter the field of digital collectibles, which will be stored in blockchain. Therefore, the community will be able to collect these tokenized drawings, and in turn support the charitable cause of the foundation.

This NFT collection is available in the marketplace at Carnival.Artand all those interested in acquiring one can do it through the payment of the native cryptocurrency of Polygon’s blockchain, Matic. And there is another payment alternative, and that is by pesos through the Mercado Pago application.

To purchase a collectible, you must enter the Carnaval.Art website, connect a wallet to the marketplace, have the necessary amount of MATIC to purchase an NFT, follow the steps on the page to buy it and that’s it, you have contributed to the cause and are part of the Fundavita NFTs community.

In case of not paying with cryptocurrencies, it can be done through Mercado Pago, and make a donation to the official account of the foundation. Then, they recommend downloading the Xcapit wallet, so that Fundavita can send the NFT to an address of its own.

Among some of the utilities granted by the items in the collection is the access to different community benefits, permissions to print works in physical format, being able to use the NFT freely in social networks, among others. The foundation has accounts in different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express