From Community Manager to NFT manager

NFT-MS, a Spanish project that aims to offer different services taking full advantage of blockchain technology and the NFT industry.

NFT Management System or NFT-MS comes to change the way in which users/customers can have all the benefits of NFTs in a single application. It offers tools for companies, tourist destinations and also allows to create and manage NFT campaigns in a safe, sustainable, simple and fast way.

This project created in Madrid, Spain comes to change the paradigm of the already old methods of loyalty and segmentation of users and customers oriented to tourism.

NFT-MS has the collaboration of MUTISHAN Interactive, a marketing agency that started in Buenos Aires in 2019, but is now based in Madrid and works with clients in Europe and Latin America and the United States.

Through a videovideo, NFT-MS has launched its new application built on the Chia Network blockchain, the blockchain created by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen and former founder and CEO of and Vindicia, Gene Hoffman who is in charge of the executive leadership of the company. Chia Network.

Returning to NFT-MS, this new project arises from the innovation of the strategies that companies and brands related to tourism have to manage for their presence on the Internet. With the creation and exploitation of social networks, public and private entities in the tourism sector had to evolve and offer different services to their customers. There are studies that confirm that social networks are losing strength, especially among the younger generations who travel frequently around the countries; therefore, the work of a Community Manager (CM) of yesterday will have to evolve into a NFT Manager of today. Non-fungible tokens are an innovative technology created among other things thanks to blockchain technology and what NFT-MS wants to achieve is that future CMs use this application as in the present day tools such as CMS (Content Management System) or SMMS (Social Media Management System) are used.

Engagement with customers will be the key for NFTs to be useful through the use of the application. As we went over, from NFTexpress we believe that the future of NFTs will be successful if they are used by brands and companies of any sector to generate rewards and benefits to their customers.

Tourism is a great industry where this technology can be exploited, since non-fungible tokens will be a tool to engage with each of the customers of companies related to travel, hotels, museums, and any experience related to tourist sites.

That’s why NFT Management System wants to unite all possible benefits in one place.

Any company or destination that wants to adapt to the web3 and generate a real engagement with its customers beyond social networks will have to have an application such as NFT-SM to manage the new way of offering rewards of the 21st century with the aim of gaining the loyalty of the largest number of customers in a much more effective way.

In this case, NFT-SM has a very user-friendly interface, both for users and for those in charge of analyzing and creating products and NFTs for companies. In my opinion, this work will have to be done by a Community Manager who has knowledge in NFTs and who also manages the social networks of the brand to be able to carry out an orderly and centralization of the products and services offered.

The NFT Management System can be integrated into any existing app, for example, Four Season, the renowned luxury hotel chain, could integrate this app in Madrid and give away a NFT valid for a free night in their hotel for collecting other NFTs through the Augmented Reality tool that NFT-MS has in iconic places in the capital of Spain such as the Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor and Gran Via.

Finally, Facebook did not clearly show its possibilities for the business in its origins. The Metaverse, tokenization and NFTs do not show the technological novelties either, since, this is just beginning. It will be up to the companies to start exploring and preparing for a future that every day starts to be the present and turn NFTs into new tools to build loyalty and segment their users/customers, NFT Management System is just the tip of the iceberg.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.