Franck Muller teams up with Binance and launches NFTs

Franck Muller is a prestigious Swiss watch designer and manufacturer. He will launch the new collection of watches and other NFTs items in the metaverse together with Binance.

The creator of luxury watches, Franck Muller, launched together with Binance, a series of mystery boxes for fans of utility NFTs.

There will be 15,000 boxes that will be released on July 27 for a chance to win an item inside.

Among the most important awards are:

  • 10 physical and original Franck Muller watches.

  • 3 private events in different locations that have not yet been confirmed.

  • 1 visit to the factory located in the city of Geneva.

  • 10 3D assets for Decentraland.

  • 5 customizable by Franck Muller for the Apple Watch.

The boxes will have a value of 100 BUSD each. Once the box is purchased you will be able to unlock 4 NFTs items. People who get 10 boxes will be able to participate in a whitelist that will give them the possibility to participate in a future avatar collection. Frack Muller is already making inroads all over the Web3 participating also in Decentraland and these avatars will be for belonging to the exclusive Lux-Club.

Also, to continue to draw the attention of fans, Franck Muller, will host a high-stakes auction where the winner will be attributed with an NFT artwork and a sophisticated Tourbillon watch with white gold infused within carbon fiber, skeletonized in shape and encased in a sapphire crystal case.

Both the NFT work and the watch are inspired by Aoki Sloane, the peace soldier fighting the Harakuma warlords who threaten the growing Metaverse. She is an early adopter of Bitcoin, an active cryptocurrency trader and an avid gambler.

Some of the watches offered in the mystery boxes are as follows:

Free the Money. Free the World The watch displays the modern and futuristic characteristics of our current generation.

Steampunk Diamond This is the diamond encrusted variation of the Franck Muller Steampunk handheld device.

Color Dreams The Franck Muller Color Dreams interactive Apple Watch face brings luxury to your technology. Delight in the elegance of all the different colors within the watch face.

In addition, in the month of March, Franck Muller, launched his collection of three different watches with 100 units on the Metaverso by DecentralandThe digital parcel platform created in Argentina with 90,601 LANDS that has its own cryptocurrency MANA.

Finally, you will be able to see all the information of Franck Muller on his Official Twitter where you will have all the news of the Swiss watch creator, what he has in mind to continue venturing into the crypto industry, web 3.0 and NFTs.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.