Fractal Web3 gaming platform Fractal expands to Polygon

Fractal co-founder Justin Kan is also a co-founder of Twitch. The NFT platform currently runs on the Solana blockchain, and they have recently announced their expansion to the Polygon network.

Fractal is a company founded by Justin Kan, which consists of a Web3 gaming platform and an NFT marketplace to enable the exchange of a wide variety of non-fungible tokens between players.

It was developed at the end of 2021, taking its first steps on the Solana network. But after several analyses, it was concluded that most of the players are looking for projects developed on the Polygon network, and that is why the company has decided to make this advance.

Thus, Fractal has decided to expand its set of functions and Web3 games to the Polygon network, in addition to bringing its NFT marketplace. This marketplace is a platform for coining new projects, as well as supporting eSports tournaments.

Another distinctive feature of this platform is that developers can create in-game markets using Fractal’s SDK. As a result, players do not need to leave the game to be able to move around the market and make transactions with NFT.

Justin Kan stated that his goal is to support game developers, and a big part of that is to be where developers want to be. Since most of them want to be on Polygon, the decision has been made to expand the platform to that network.

At the same time, it has been announced that Polygon will make a strategic investment in Fractal, pursuing a partnership with Fractal, and looking for the team to better serve both Web3 game developers and gamers.

In recent months, we have seen how large companies worldwide have chosen the Polygon network for their projects, as we have reported from NFTexpress in the articles about NFTPay, Starbucks with its Odyssey loyalty plan, Nike, Winamp, Metaamong many others.

F Studio, Fractal’s product suite, is a set of tools dedicated to blockchain game developers to enable the incorporation of Web3 technology in projects in a more agile and easy way. Some of its features include a player-friendly wallet, an in-game marketplace API, a bridge between FIAT money and NFTs, among others.

In one of his first publications made on their official Medium account, Fractal announced that their main goal is to create an open platform for the free exchange of digital assets. To achieve this, they are looking to partner with the best NFT game companies to develop tools that facilitate access to a specific audience.

They chose Solana in its early days because of its low cost and high transaction speed, which is a great attraction for game developers looking to have a large amount of assets.

Fractal’ s main co-founders include Robin Chan, who founded and sold a mobile gaming company to Zynga, called XPD Media; David Wurtz, co-founder of Google Drive and advisor at Shopify; Mike Angell, with more than 20 years of experience in ecommerce, who also worked at Shopify; and the aforementioned Justin Kan, in addition to being a co-founder of Twitch.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express