Bruce Lee’s NFT Collection: Web3, Shibuya and the partnership with the Foundation of the legendary martial arts actor

The Bruce Foundation’s NFT Collection opens the doors to the home of Lee, the late legendary martial artist, martial arts master, actor, filmmaker, philosopher and even writer. It will be done in conjunction with Shibuya, a Web3 decentralized storytelling company.

The Bruce Lee Foundation joins Web3 for the legendary actor and martial arts master thanks to a strategic partnership with the decentralized video and storytelling platform, Shibuya.

The collection was presented on Shibuya’s Shibuya’s official social media with a classic video clip interviewing Lee, in which he is talking and gradually making an anime-style representation of him.

At the time of this writing, there are 4 hours left to mint an NFT on the Ethereum network and the project has sold more than 19,000 non-fungible tokens sold.. The value of the tokens are at 0.008 ETH ($15 usd approximately) plus a feed of Manifold of 0.0005 ($1.00 USD). However, you have to add the transaction fee when you have activity in your crypto wallet.

Going back to the collection and how Bruce’s Foundation and Shibuya worked together to launch it, the NFTs of “House of Lee: Genesis” were presented through hand-drawn artwork of the renowned filmmaker by Emily Yang, known in the ecosystem as “pplpleasr“with the help of Shannon Lee, daughter of the late actor, but founder and president of the Bruce Lee Foundation.

In addition, the collection was put up for sale by the Manifold website, which described the project as “the ticket to the Lee Lee House.the ticket to the House of Lee“. However, future plans for the NFTs and the owners of the NFTs have not yet been announced.

It was also confirmed that this broadcast, which ends on Friday 14/4, is the first stage of a set of ongoing collaborations that will take place between the Bruce Lee Foundation and Shibuya, but no details were shared on how the work will be done to bring this iconic character to Web3.

The NFTs of House of Lee gained quite a lot of popularity in recent months, as, for many crypto-investors, art lovers, and Bruce fans the value of the digital assets are quite affordable, but at the same time, gamification techniques were used to incentivize users to buy or even burn multiple editions in exchange for rewards.

Shannon Lee (left) and Emily “pplpleasr” Yang with NFT artwork – source: Shibuya

About Shibuya

So far, Shibuya worked on projects where it was required to create original video series that allowed the users who owned the NFTs the opportunity to have a say in the editing and production process of the collections.

The company’s first work was an anime-style animated series called “White Rabbit“, holders of the non-fungible tokens were able to choose the narrative path at the end of each segment.

In the next released series called “Dominion X: Level 2“, they had the association of truly influential people. Among them were the musician Steve Aokiactor Seth Green and U.S. animation studio/production company Stoopod Buddy Stoodios.

This collection provided the opportunity to vote for the conclusion of each new stop-motion animated segment produced on a weekly basis. Also, Shibuya announced a $6.9 million seed funding round last December and co-leadership from Andreessen Horowitz y Variant Fundtwo leading U.S.-based venture capital firms.

This last edition related exclusively to Bruce Lee thanks to the alliance with the Foundation chaired by the daughter of the American-born filmmaker who died in Hong Kong is not following the model similar to the previous projects.

However, watching the teaser in the clip posted on the official Twitter feed of the Web3 storytelling company shows that they are clearly working on Bruce Lee animations.

Finally, it was confirmed that the clip will also be shown on a video billboard located in the mythical Times Square during this week, as New York City is hosting the famous NFT conference. NFT.NYC.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.