Fortune goes for technological innovation: its first NFT cover in collaboration with renowned artist Ix Shells at Foundation

The iconic Fortune magazine is betting on technological innovation and has launched its first cover as NFT with the collaboration of renowned artist Itzel Yard, also popularly known as Ix Shells through the marketplace Foundation.

On April 9, the second drop of one of the most famous business magazines in the world was released for 24 hours. The collection was called “Fortune: Crypto Climbs Back From The Worst Year Ever“and was only available for a single day to be minted by all users who wanted to be part of the innovation that the magazine, founded in February 1930, intends to generate.

The drop was presented at Foundationthe well-known NFT marketplace that is gaining more and more ground in the ecosystem with more than 350 thousand followers on Twitter and 450 thousand on Instagram.

In addition, Foundation is full of NFT creators and artists who have had great success. Here, we highlight the non-fungible token by Edward Snowdenwho created “Stay Free” sold for 2,224 ETH. There are also the NFTs created by Shvembldran artist associated with TBOA.CLUB, a blockchain art generation collection that managed to accumulate more than 1,555 ETH since joining Foundation.

The project achieved extraordinary figures, as it raised 22.10 ETH or about $42,000 usd in just 24 hours. The digital collectibles were sold at a base price of 0.1 ETH (about $175 usd) and currently has a floor price of 0.969 ETH (about $1800 usd).

Fortune and its relationship with the crypto ecosystem and Web3

As I mentioned earlier, Fortune was founded in 1930 and since then it has tried to be at the forefront of reports, news and opinions about the business world, financial trends and the technology ecosystem. In 2017 it introduced ‘The Ledger‘ to its magazine and became one of the first major media outlets to provide a place for cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

In addition, the magazine has Alyson Shontell, editor-in-chief who has worked hard to bring all of Fortune’s coverage of Web3, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs and artificial intelligence, among other technologies.

Also, it was created Fortune Crypto was also created under the leadership of Jeff John Robert, cryptocurrency publisher and known for his popular books such as Kings of Crypto, One Startup’s Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street.

Learn all about Ix Shells and its contributions to the Web3 world.

Itzel Yard, known in the decentralized environment as Ix Shellsis a renowned artist who emerged alongside the new generation of creative professionals on the Web3.

He works through Creative Code Art, that is, he uses programmable code to develop his generative art. As a result, he has managed to create a large community, not only in Panama, his home country, but around the world thanks to his online presence and professionalism.

Ix Shells has managed to attract the attention of many, many people and companies since May 2021 following his NFT artwork called ‘Dreaming at Dusk‘, which was developed in partnership with the Tor Project and sold for 500 ETH or about $2 million at the time. Since then, she has become the highest paid female artist in the non-fungible token ecosystem and one of the most followed people by users who are fans of art.

Itzel Yard spoke out about her partnership and launch of the cover of the magazine Fortune magazine cover and commented that the algorithm she used to create the artwork expands the pixels and can turn a black square into a larger geometric shape.

He added that personally it’s like when you’re walking in the middle of a city, you look up and see all the buildings you’re surrounded by.

Fortune’s first NFT launch in 2021

The first collection created by Fortune was in 2021 and involved artwork by the well-known creator of Web3, pplpleasr. The project was launched at the peak of the bull market and featured several animated characters from the major NFT and PFP collections.

The drop was a resounding success, as, 227 digital collectibles were sold at a value of 1 ETH per piece. In addition, there were two 1:1 versions that sold for 105 ETH and 23 ETH respectively at auction. Half of the proceeds, which were around $660k at the time, were donated to non-profit charities.

Finally, Fortune has been showing real commitment since 2017 with the creation of “The Ledger” and subsequent collections of NFTs over the years. The magazine’s goal is to bridge the gap between traditional media and media created exclusively for Web3 news.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.