Flex NBA, the new AR and NFTs game at Algorand

Flex NBA is a game developed on the Algorand blockchain, which aims to take the game mode called “Fantasy” to another level by combining technologies such as augmented reality and blockchain for basketball fans to enjoy like never before.

Flex NBA is a game built on the Algorand blockchain. The goal of this project is to achieve the combination of different disruptive technologies such as NFTs, blockchain, and augmented reality.

In addition, it seeks to combine these technologies with board games, which although they are still played by many families and friends, with the new generation of young people, these are being forgotten. Consequently, Flex NBA seeks to merge real-life tools and products with other innovative tools and technologies.

At the official Flex NBA websiteyou will be able to purchase the game kit you need to enjoy this experience in a fun and exciting way.

By purchasing these packs, players can have the board, where each NBA player is represented by hexagonal tiles, called “Flexagons”. These tokens are represented on the blockchain by NFTs.

The game kit includes 10 Flexagons in each “Flex NBA Starter Kit“, and interested users can continue to build their team by purchasing additional Flexagons, without the need to continue purchasing the game board.

Also, the particularity of these Flexagons is that each one represents a digital collectible in a unique way, that is, they are NFTs, which can be exchanged with other players as the game progresses. At the time of the exchange, the skills of that particular basketball player are transferred to the new owner.

Two-player “Starter Set” pack, a $59.99 USD value.

Moreover, thanks to the tokenization of players as NFTs, you can bring any NBA player from the real world into the digital world through this new Fantasy mode game.

In addition, using Algorand’s blockchain, the game was developed to work as a mobile application, which allows in a completely simple way, the possibility to track assets and develop the game mechanics on the board by using AR or augmented reality.

Mobile application and NFTs

The mobile application Flex NBA mobile app is one of the most innovative features of the game. The app allows to manage the interactions with the board, so that the users can carry out their strategies in the game.

Subsequently, players can enjoy an augmented reality experience that allows them to enjoy a game for hours while interacting with other people.

The application works thanks to Algorand’s technology, which is responsible for generating the tokenization in a simple and secure way. This use case demonstrates how blockchain is being used with its underlying technologies such as NFTs and augmented reality to bring a different kind of fun to users, while ensuring the authenticity of each asset registered on the blockchain.

Real Flexagon board and Flex NBA Flexagon.

Flexagon as NFTs

Each Flexagon is used in Algorand’s blockchain network as a fingerprint with augmented reality. As a result, the physical products are unique and totally unrepeatable, i.e. no duplicates, frauds or counterfeits can be created.

Moreover, transaction encryption allows for transparent custody and the ability for users to make customizations or upgrades to game pieces through real-life activities.

Final Words

Flex NBA combines the best of board games with disruptive and innovative technology such as blockchain and augmented reality. As a result, they have generated a truly striking and pioneering project in the fusion of traditional and digital tools. In addition, thanks to the native features of the Algorand network, the tokenizations of the game elements are made through NFTs, something that has been really interesting when it comes to mixing it with augmented reality.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.