Fidelity plans to enter NFT field and metaverse

The world’s largest asset manager made new filings with trademark applications linked to providing a range of services in the metaverse and related to NFTs.

Both NFT and Web3 terrain are not resting from their prolonged uptrend of adoption and incorporation of hundreds of famous companies and artists over the past few months, despite the crypto winter that the cryptocurrency market is going through.

The asset management company Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity Investments, made the filing of three new applications for trademark registrations in the United States, linked to the Web3 field, financial services, an NFT marketplace and even crypto-asset trading in the metaverse.

In this regard, the company filed the three applications with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) a few days ago, according to said the attorney specialist in the matter, Mike Kondoudis.

In addition, such requests also include recommendation services for investment advice and a financial plan in the metaverse. Specifically, the Fidelity company aims to provide advice in the metaverse on virtual land investments, cryptocurrency trading services, life insurance, retirement plans, among other issues.

But one of the most striking questions is related to investment services and pension funds in the metaverse. In any case, the requests are quite general and remain mere requests, since the company has not made any official announcements, nor is it known if it already has its own metaverse, or if it will have virtual land in any of the first-line metaverses.

The company, which has more than $4.5 billion in assets under management, appears to also intend to provide wallet services. The secure holding, management and trading of cryptocurrencies may be covered activities.

Regarding NFTs, Fidelity could launch a marketplace for those buyers and sellers of digital assets, more precisely of non-fungible tokens with graphical and textual content.

Thus, there are possibilities of having the intentions to carry out various payment services based in the metaverse, including electronic bill payments, fund transfers, and even the management of credit card accounts in the metaverse and other virtual spaces.

Another issue that the company could add as a new service, is referred to an educational field in the metaverse to give classes, seminars and conferences about investments and about the marketing of financial services.

Beyond the bear market and the recent collapse of the FTX company, Fidelity is far from panicking and, on the contrary, is looking to increase its presence and activities in the Web3 field.

And it’s not the company’s first approach to the Web3 field, as last October Fidelity hired more than 100 new members in order to bolster its cryptoassets unit, going the opposite way of other cryptocurrency companies that have laid off a large number of people this year.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express