FC Barcelona announced its first NFT auction

One of the world’s largest teams is launching its first NFT in the form of an auction in partnership with Sotheby’s, a UK-based art auction house.

FC Barcelona will launch its first NFT with the collaboration of Sotheby’s, the auction house founded in the UK. The non-fungible token is called “In A Way, Immortal” which means “In A Way, Immortal” and will officially go on sale on July 29th at 13:00 in New York.

The digital artwork is a 47-second audiovisual piece and portrays the iconic Dutchman Johan Cruyff’s goal against Atlético Madrid in the 1973-1974 season.

The NFT was directed and edited by BCN Visuals, a technological innovation company that has already collaborated with companies such as Coca Cola, Paco Rabanne, Mc Donalds and The Walking Dead, among others.

The NFT is an ERC-721 and was minted on the Polygon network. In addition to the video, the holder of the non-fungible token will additionally have 4 NFTs in the form of so-called images:

  • “The flying boot”

  • “The flying ball”

  • “Flying forever in an amazing light.”

  • “The Flying Dutchman”

The auction as of the date of this article is at $45,000 dollars and you can see all the information on the official website: NFT – FC Barcelona

On the other hand, the Spanish team is planning to make a series of 10 more collections, this is the first of the ten already mentioned and the objective is to celebrate and pay tribute to different historical players who passed through the club located in Catalonia.

Also, the NFT collection comes with different utilities in the real world and in the physical world.

First, the winner of the auction will become a “Barcelona Digital Ambassador”. Afterwards, he or she will be able to participate in meetings and greetings from different celebrities of the club, as well as visit La Nueva Masia, the Joan Gamper sports complex remodeled on October 20, 2011, where all the lower divisions of the club and mostly the professional squad train.

In addition, you can participate in a game at the Spotify Camp Nou, the new name that from this season will have the legendary stadium where stars like Maradona, Messi, Ronaldinho, among many others, played.

The final benefit for the winner of the NFT is the chance to give away the game ball in a friendly match played by Barcelona at Camp Nou.

In this way, FC Barcelona begins to enter more and more into the whole digital and technological industry that surrounds the world of NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

To the interest in NFTs, let’s recall that Lionel Messi’s former team already launched in June 2020 its BAR token on the Socios.com platform of the Chiliz cryptocurrency.

The Fan Token serves as a membership that allows token holders the ability to earn exclusive rewards and team recognition. The rewards for holding the token can be match tickets, exclusive experiences, club NFTs and digital badges.

Finally, the token currently has a value of $4.00 USD, but its historical maximum price was $53 USD. This gives you the possibility of also being able to buy and sell the token with the latent possibility of being able to profit from it.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.