Explore Exclusiverse’s exclusive NFT collection and get an unforgettable journey in the metaverse.

It is the first NFT collection for travelers in the metaverse called Exclusiverse Chameleon Club, which is run by Exclusive Traveler Club.

Tourism and Web3 technology have found multiple points in common, in order to carry out different strategies and get the best out of both fields. In this way, they achieve a mutual impulse that transcends any kind of frontiers.

To mention some antecedents related to both fields, we can first point out the case of Thailand through the launching of NFTs established by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), with the aim of promoting the tourism industry. This collection was launched under the name of“Amazing Thailand NFTs“, as communicated from NFTexpress in the note respective note.

Another related case was that of the NFTs launched by the city of Rosario, through which they offer tourist NFTs and through the use of NFC technology provide unique experiences to tourists who decide to visit this Argentine city.

This time, the linkage is focused on the implementation of a Traveler Club in the metaverse by the hand of Exclusive Traveler Clubwith more than 80,000 members worldwide. This club offers various services, including a number of travel benefits to hundreds of countries, and with preferential prices.

Exclusiverse is an initiative of Exclusive Traveler Club, through which they intend to bring the travelers club experience to the metaverse, to offer immersive experiences to all travelers interested in enjoying new benefits from the hand of Web3 technology and non-fungible tokens. In this way, they pursue the unification of physical experiences with virtual experiences, being the first to offer this type of services and experiences.

Thus, they have decided to carry out another act of utmost importance in the field of tourism, so they announced the launch of their own NFT collection called Exclusiverse Chameleon Clubwhich is made up of 999 digital collectibles that will give their holders access to a series of benefits and unique experiences related to tourism. These users will be able to access exclusive prices and unique offers that others will not have access to.

Thanks to this initiative, community members will be able to enjoy experiences in places such as the Caribbean, among other destinations, in a different way than what is traditionally known or offered, thanks to the implementation of NFTs and Web3.

Ramón Martín, CEO of Exclusive Traveler Club, said that this proposal gives them the possibility of improving the experience of their community of travelers, thanks to the option of offering a new way of traveling that includes more than just the destination, the price and the means used for the trip.

On the other hand, Juan Manuel Delgado, Deputy General Manager of Exclusiverse, said that Exclusiverse is carrying out a revolution in the field of tourism, by offering an NFT travelers’ club that links physical and virtual experiences.

In this way, the NFT collection represents one of the many works of a project that aims to offer community members the best experiences and benefits, so that travel is a unique and personalized experience for each traveler.

The collection was officially launched on April 12 on the marketplace of OpenSea marketplacethrough which there are four levels of NFT memberships: Chameleon Premium, Chameleon Gold, Chameleon Platinum, and Chameleon Infinity. Each of them offers different benefits, such as better rates, access to reserved spaces, among others.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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