ESPL joins Web3 with its gaming platform ESPL Arena

ESPL, a leading eSports gaming platform, announced that it will launch its Web3 gaming platform called ESPL Arena. Now, players will be able to compete in tournaments, flirt and also earn rewards by playing their favorite games.

ESPLis a leading eSports gaming project and recently announced the launch of ESPL Arena, its new Web3 gaming platform, where players will be able to compete in different tournaments, flirt and also get rewards for playing their favorite eSports games.

The objective of ESPL is to provide the best gaming experience, with features typically used in eSports games such as advanced matchmaking, live chat between players and an intelligent analytics system, among other things.

ESPL Arena

ESPL Arena is a Web3 eSports gaming platform that will seek to offer the best gaming experience for the most competitive players around the world. Players will be able to compete in different leagues and tournaments to win real money as a reward.

They also announced that they will be adding a new feature for the entire ESPL community called “user-generated tournaments” (UGT). This new tool provides the ability for users to organize their own tournaments for their communities, with prizes for the winners and exclusive rewards. The goal is to provide even more opportunities for the ESPL community to get involved in the platform and consequently connect and interact with a huge number of players from all countries.

What is ESPL?

ESPL is one of the leading companies in the eSports gaming industry. It was founded in 2019 and is the nexus for many digital gamers to compete in tournaments, and earn rewards by playing the most popular games.

The mission of ESPL’s mission is to make the Arenathe new Web3 platform, a fun and rewarding space for users. In addition, ESPL is committed to creating a modern eSports platform by offering a wide range of features that make it easy for players to connect with each other, beyond competing and earning rewards.

In addition, players will have their favorite games available, be able to create teams and compete against other players online. Also, users will use ESPL to create and manage tournaments, find new gaming partners and track their team’s performance.

On the other hand, ESPL has around 280,000 active players worldwide and a leading presence in 17 countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Now, with its new development and expansion to Web3 (previously only focused on Web2 games), ESPL aims to reach more than 2,000 tournaments and more than 33 million global users.

Also, as we have been showing in the images, ESPL has the financial backing of several well-known global investors such as: Warner Music, Genting Ventures, iCandy Interactive, RigthBridge Ventures AB, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Arcanum Capital, CRAES and more than 500 Startups.

This signifies a great endorsement of value and trust, as, the company is in constant pursuit of incorporating professional and amateur players into its Web3 eSports ecosystem through blockchain technology and NFTs.

Froyo Games, a popular casual gaming platform exclusive to Web3. It will also support in reinforcing ESPL’s foray into this new industry to provide investment and strategic support for the launch of Arena ESPL.


As mentioned above, UGT will be the User Generated Tournaments and will be available in ESPL Arena.

This new tool is the technological solution that drives the organization of tournaments in ESPL Arena. The idea is to employ a simple and easy to use user interface so that any player who enters can participate in a tournament or create one.

UGT will be able to distribute tournament prizes in a flexible, secure and transparent manner. It will do so by releasing NFTs and fungible tokens to winning players’ wallets automatically.

Host-To-Earn What is it?

Host-To-Earn is a unique feature that will allow players to earn rewards by hosting tournaments in ESPL Arena. Hosts will receive points for organizing tournaments, and depending on the performance of the tournament will be the amount of points awarded for rewards.

In addition, Host-To-Earn will be available to all users who are active in ESPL Arena and anyone will be allowed to earn rewards by organizing tournaments. Consequently, when a player organizes a tournament, he will receive $ARENA tokens in return.

What is the $ARENA token?

$ARENA is the utility token offered by ESPL to players. This token allows users to participate in the ESPL Arena bounty system, compete in tournaments and win the bounties that are up for grabs.

The token $ARENA token is available on multiple decentralized exchange houses where it can be purchased using other well-known cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC. Also, it can be done using fiat currencies such as USD, EUR or GBP.

However, this utility token was launched in collaboration with Pancake Swap$ARENA can be used on the ESPL Arena platform and provides different solutions such as:

  • The organization of tournaments in a transparent and efficient manner.

  • Friendly competitions.

  • The possibility for tournament organizers to charge a fee for the tournaments they organize.

  • Automatically assign prizes to participants.

  • The distribution of the same after the end of the competitive event.

Price of $ARENA at the time of writing this article

Finally, the digital asset approach will allow organizers to have the opportunity to efficiently and transparently create large and small open tournaments for online multiplayer games and more.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.