Epic Games launches its first NFT game

Epic Games’ first NFT video game on the platform is now available on the Epic Games Store: Blankos Block Party; which already has more than 1 million players.

The platform that offers some of the most famous and downloaded games in the world such as GTA and Fortnite, has released the first NFT game in its store, called Blankos Block Party.

It is an open world multiplayer game, like the ones Epic Games is used to, but in this case it pays more attention to the art and custom designs (both characteristic of NFT), as well as the construction of levels, collection of Blankos with a diversity of rarities, among other issues.

The world of video games has been growing steadily in recent years, and is in a similar relationship to the growth of the NFT ecosystem. According to data from Statista and Jupiter Research, the global video game market reached $178 billion in 2021, and the trend continues to rise.

In the same sense, the trend in video games are in the direction of digital versions, leaving in oblivion the games in physical format. Digital services and video game platforms such as Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft Connect, lead this segment. Also noteworthy is the case of Gala Games with its presence in the web3 field, an application where VoxVerse will be published: a metaverse that incorporates NFT.

Epic Games is one of the platform that has taken the most advantage of the rest, with its great milestones having given away GTA V and Fortnite at the time, today it has more than 58 million monthly users. This company was also in charge of the Unreal Engine graphics engine.


The game developed by Mythical Games includes non-fungible tokens and is available for free download. But it will not be forever, since on September 28th is scheduled the launch of the full version with graphical improvements and updates, date on which it will no longer be free and will become paid. Currently it can be downloaded for Windows and MacOs operating systems.

The game has had its beta phase in 2020, and since then it has gained different first level partnerships such as Atari and Deadmau5.

As we have mentioned, this is an open-world multiplayer game, and one of the objectives is to customize designs and level up different characters, and incorporate rare attributes to increase a collection of interactive characters. The designs and accessories that can be designed in the game can then be sold through the video game’s marketplace.

It will not be necessary to link a wallet in order to obtain NFTs from the game, and they can be purchased through credit and debit cards in the Mythical Marketplace, where you can even trade NFTs and receive FIAT money, but to do so you need to verify your Uphold account and link it to the video game.

This game is developed on a permissioned private blockchain, which uses the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus protocol.

One of the most well-known cryptoasset projects implementing this PoA consensus protocol is VeChain. The VeChain network leverages blockchain technology to streamline supply chain processes in various companies and the flow of information. It is also working to address the carbon footprint requirements of today’s enterprises.

This PoA protocol in VeChain distributes votes based on shares, in which 101 nodes act as validators in order to reach consensus on transactions on the blockchain itself.

Thus, Blankos Block Party uses this PoA consensus protocol which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Currently they have not integrated any cryptocurrency to the project, but in case they do so in the future, they state that they will make it known through the official Blankos.com website.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express