EMP Money launched an NFT minerHow does it work?

EMP Money, a DeFi protocol, has launched a collection of digital miners called POW’r UP NFT that promises various utilities such as passive income and returns on investment.

Over the past few years, we have seen how Ethereum miners are often very expensive, noisy and above all, take quite a long time to recover their investment. EMP Money has seen these problems and decided to create POW’r UP NFT, a collection of digital miners, which promises lots and lots of profits as pure passive income and an unprecedented ROI so far.

Holders of NFTs will be able to claim lucrative returns every week in the form of Ethers, Ethereum’s native token. Here’s how to participate and what this new EMP Money project, a DeFi protocol, is all about.

What is POW’r UP NFT?

The DeFi EMP Money protocol, has created POW’r UP NFTThe DeFi EMP Money protocol, where users will be able to take advantage of the benefits of mining without experiencing the aforementioned drawbacks that usually happen with mining equipment.

The EMP Money team intends for the NFTs in this collection to be a unique and reliable way to prosper during the current crypto winter and bear market.If you’re wondering “how does this work?” For starters, it should be noted that the project that launched these NFTs is a DeFi protocol.

Subsequently, its miners are virtual and Ethereum miners, who produce ETH every day thanks to a mining liquidity pool of over $6 million. With an extensive and profitable EMP Money ecosystem, holders of NFTs are allowed to earn different returns per week.

Among the features of this project include EMP nodes, a single participation farm of ESharemultiple daily ROI contracts, and $EMP tokensand more. In short, this mining investment will allow the user to sit back and let the virtual miner do the work, just as if they were a physical Ethereum miner.

In addition, EMP Money EMP Money emphasizes on making money in this bear market with the help of its proven ecosystem and its team that works hard day by day. The goal of this NFT collection is for owners of non-fungible tokens to have the opportunity to accumulate ETH every week in a smooth and effortless manner.

On the other hand, there are several benefits that come along with the EMP Money NFT POW’r UP:

  • The ROI of virtual miners exceeds that of any other miner in the market.

  • Five times the APR of ASIC’s top miners.

  • The POW’r UP is a digital asset and consequently, it may be traded in a secondary market.

  • EMP Money already has returns in ETH wagered, i.e. investors already know that they have been paid time and time again since the creation of the DeFi protocol.

What is EMP Money?

EMP Money strives every day to innovate and execute successful services since its inception. It has a history of quite good economic achievements over time.

Among their most important features is that they are the largest fork of ETH (#25) and the largest fork of BNB (#55).

Also, they successfully launched an independent NFT mint, one of the largest in the history of the BNB Chain blockchain, called Sentinel Squadron. In addition, EMP Money was ranked #5 in DeFi by daily active users by the renowned analytics platform, Dappradar.

Finally, it has a highly successful ETH participation contract that has been able to raise around 785 ETH and paid investors up to 19% returns for 3 months.

POW’r UP or Ethereum Virtual Miner NFT

EMP Money’s NFT POW’r UP NFTs, also known as Ethereum Virtual Miner NFTs. They had originally launched on December 3, but have extended the mint to 10/12 at 8 p. m. EST/1 a. m. UTC. They are also on the Ethereum blockchain and have a fixed value of $1000. You can read the EMP whitepaper. here. Finally, you can coin some POW’r UP on your. official website.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.