Doodles 2 NFT arrives on the Flow blockchain

The recognized leading Web3 franchise will have the second edition of its NFT collection, but this time it won’t be about the Ethereum blockchain, it will be about the Flow network.

Doodles is a Web3 media and entertainment franchise with a famous collection of non-fungible tokens, which will come refreshed with new customizations and more tokens for their second collection. This time it will not be on the Ethereum network; as they have chosen instead the blockchain of Flow.

The current collection developed on the Ethereum network has 10,000 PFP (profile picture project) tokens, whose format is centered on Burnt Toast, the work alias of Scott Martin, a Canadian-born designer, illustrator and animator.

Some of the main features of Flow are scalability, security, and composability. In this sense, the multi-chain expansion allows a wide range of creative and technical possibilities, enabling the development of two franchise products.

On the one hand, there is the new NFT experience that will allow people to customize their own Doodles on the network, choosing different attributes such as body, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, among others.

The accessories and clothing will be accessible through limited editions IRL, which will be linked to various events and collaborations with top brands, as well as with celebrities. These collections will be available for purchase on the marketplace of Gaia.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, argues that these NFTs are designed to be digital identities (whether they are expressions of ourselves, or how we see ourselves), and in this sense they will be able to move with us wherever we go.

Jordan Castro, co-founder and product manager of Doodles, has stated that Doodles 2 is the ideal combination of self-expression, collecting and community, which is concentrated in a fluid application, which is developed on blockchain. In this sense, they have listened to the community’s requests to customize their Doodles to match their personality in real life.

Dieter Shirley, an executive at Flow, said that Doodles is one of the most popular brands in the Web3 ecosystem, with an incredible community. With the second edition of Doodles, they are bringing more value to their community, as well as laying the groundwork for even more people to enter the Doodles world.

  • Why did you choose Flow for Doodles 2?

Julian has stated that their main goal is that Doodles can live everywhere and they were looking for a partner that can deliver on that. In this way, thanks to the features of Flow’s chain, people will be able to have their Doodles that are portable and interoperable on social networks, live events, streamings, gaming platforms, among others.

Also, from the website of Flowhas published a publication where they officially announce the arrival of the Doodles 2 collection to their network. In this sense, they state that interoperability and multi-chain support are fundamental for a coherent web3 world, pointing out that Doodles represents one of the biggest changes, making this a reality.

  • Some early benefits of Doodles 2

Current Doodle holders will be able to buy, sell and trade their wearables (accessories and digital garments) on Gaia. As wearables are unlocked during these times, each one will include a Doodles 2 Beta Pass for future use.

In this phase, collectors will have the benefits of access to the private beta version, where they will have the first contact with the tool to create their own Doodle. They will also have access to unique wearable drops of Doodles 2, with the collaboration of major brands, partners, creators and artists, as the Doodle terrain continues to expand.

One exclusive figure is the Dooplicator, whereby current NFT Doodle holders will be able to mint first-edition Doodle 2 wearables, which will allow them to customize their Doodle at a later date. The Dooplicator’s release date is January 31.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express