‘Doctor 1919 NFTs’ links art with social purpose

It is an NFT collection that leverages blockchain technology to create a link between art and culture, with the goal of eliminating geographical limitations.

In recent years we have seen exceptional advances in blockchain technology, Web3, and non-fungible tokens, among others. And one of the sectors that has benefited the most from this advance is the artists’ sector.

As seen with the number of digital collectibles being published and exchanged on a daily basis, blockchain technology and art are very precisely linked thanks to NFTs.

Cisneros Media, an entrepreneurial group that has decided to join this trend, announced the launch of its first NFT collection, which is called Doctor 1919 (Dr1919). This collection has been developed in collaboration with 19 artists from the country of Venezuela.

The project developed by the artists consists of a series of digital collectibles made in homage to José Gregorio Hernández, a doctor who is remembered for his vocation for his profession and for helping people in poverty, the sick and the needy.

As stated on the official website, 70% of the proceeds from the minteo will be donated to the Archdiocese of Caracas, in order to finance educational and health activities.

The public wishing to access these works to contribute to these charitable purposes, in addition to owning a collectible from the collection, can do so through the specific section of the official website, where you can create 1919NFTs can be created.

Jonathan Blum, president of Cisneros Media, said that Doctor 1919 is a project aimed at exposing technology and innovation as tools that can be made available to other disciplines, which can be used to enhance different areas and have a positive impact on people.

Venezuelans revere José Gregorio Hernández for his gifts as a physician and for his religious vocation. He is recognized for his kindness and fervent dedication to placate people’s suffering. For more information about his life and work, please visit the following link link where the Doctor 1919 team has made a specific section about him.


  • Access to exclusive information about the history, archive, or next steps for the Canonization of José Gregorio Hernández,

  • Access to the tourist circuit through the Caracas de José Gregorio Hernández,

  • Guided visit to various places related to the Blessed, such as the Sacred Museum, the church of La Candelaria, and the Archbishop’s Palace,

  • Virtual access to the Canonization Mass

  • Merchandising and airdrops from other collections by artists who have participated in the Doctor 1919 collection.


Regarding the 19 artists involved in the NFT collection, the following can be mentioned Alex Izaguirre, Dalia Ferreira, Rafael Araujo, Ana Vanessa Urvina, Eduardo Sanabria, Fernanda Fuschino, Flores Solano, Gabriela Camuñas, Irvin Diaz, JN Silva, Natalia Agostini, Luz Maria Charlita, Leonardo Rodriguez, Maria Paola Rosales, Rafa Muci, Ricardo Sanabria, Karina Freites Monaca (Rubby Cobain), Amaranta Martinez y Vicente Diez.


There are a generous number of people who are working hard behind the Doctor 1919 collection. Among them we can mention:

  • Jonathan Blum (Project Director),

  • Ely Garcia (Technology Director),

  • Juan Carlos Perez (Blockchain Builder),

  • Naidel Lorenzo (Web Architect),

  • Amaranta Martínez (Creative Consultant),

  • Irene Franco (Community Manager),

  • Joeleen Contreras (Marketing), among others.

On the other hand, from the official site they communicate which are their social networks, to be able to be updated and up to date with every news that they publish from the project, either by Twitter or by Instagram.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express