DeGods brings its collection of 535 NFTs to the Bitcoin network, want to meet it?

This news was confirmed by the official Twitter of the “DeGods III” collection and also, they have announced that in the coming days they will provide information on how to mint the 535 non-fungible DeGods tokens on the Bitcoin network.

Following the success brought about by the Ordinals protocol, which allows NFTs to be minted directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, many world-renowned projects are working to bring their collections to the world’s first blockchain.

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Ordinals gained its worldwide popularity after the launch of the Punks collection, much like CryptoPunks on the Ethereum network, but in this case, they are called “BitcoinPunks” and live exclusively on the world’s first blockchain.

In recent days, DeGods, the largest NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, confirmed that there will be a block of 3.53 MBs, which holds 535 non-fungible tokens of the best-known NFT project in the Solana community.

These 535 DeGods NFTs, were burned in 2022 to limit the supply of the collection, but now it was confirmed that the same will be reborn in Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol. To better understand, DeGods confirmed that these NFTs have currently been permanently enrolled on the Bitcoin blockchain, consequently, these assets will be mintable on this network.

FrankFrank, founder of DeGods, spoke about this new action by the project, which has undoubtedly surprised the entire community. First, he said that Bitcoin is the best brand in cryptocurrency, since it is unalterable as they say. He also added that it is the best known blockchain in the world and that the Ordinals protocol truly made everything as simple as it is powerful.

To make this transition to Bitcoin, the DeGods team secured an alliance with Nick Hansenthe CEO of Luxor Technologies and together they inscribed DeGods’ 535 NFT in a single block as mentioned above. To successfully achieve the inscription, they had to go to the lowest resolution (210×210 pixels) in order to ensure the successful change of the blockchain.

The news came via a post on DeGods’ official Twitter feed and they confirmed that they will only be as ordinals in the first protocol developed to create NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, all the details of the launch will be announced by DeGods’ official media..

DeGods NFTs in the Solana network

Why will there be 535 NFTs of DeGods in Bitcoin?

To understand, let’s first explain what the DeGods are all about. DeGods: These NFTs were launched in 2021 via the Solana blockchain. However, in 2022 the project team decided to burn 535 of the original PFPs (profile images as non-fungible tokens) with the intention of limiting supply and now in this case, having a new life on Ordinals.

Although originally this collection was minted in Solana, the DeGods NFT collection is also working hard to create a bridge to Ethereum. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, the 535 NFTs will only be available as Ordinals. The project aims to succeed on the most popular blockchains for users and be one of the most valuable collections in the ecosystem.

While DeGods has struck an alliance with Nick Hansen, the CEO of Luxor Technologieshe was also helped by Terra Pool from DMG Blockchain Solutions to process the block, as, it is a carbon neutral mining pool, which is powered by renewable energy solutions. This is to dodge the constant criticism of how the environment is polluted by Bitcoin mining.

Finally, KevinKevin, another of the founders of DeGods, said that currently the 535 NFTs of the Ordinals protocol are in private wallets. Also, he added that they are waiting for more security tools to be implemented so that interested users can buy, sell and exchange Ordinals.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.