Deadfellaz partnered with DraftKings to launch zombie NFTs for Halloween

NFT Deadfellaz Collection, partnered with one of the most popular fantasy sports brands DraftKings, to release card-shaped, zombie-themed NFTs for Halloween weekend.

The NFT project Deadfellaz joined through a strategic alliance with fantasy sports brand DraftKings and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to release a total of 13 zombie cards based on professional NFL players.

The cards in question will be available on October 25 and will have two different levels of rarity, which will be: common and rare. In addition, each player will have their own versions of common and rare collectible cards.

DraftKings aims to use non-fungible tokens in its fantasy soccer event called Reignmakers NFT. This game features weekly prizes of up to $1,000,000. Those interested in purchasing the digital assets will be eligible for prizes. Among them is an airdrop of a unique Deadfellaz NFT.

While the collection will be distributed the weekend before Halloween, Reignmakers players who obtain these NFTs will be able to use them throughout the NFL season.

As we reviewed earlier, there will be a total of 13 current NFL players appearing as zombies in this limited edition collection that will be released through the DraftKings Marketplace. Notable players in this project include: Matthew Stafford, Nick Chubb, Kyler Murray, Alvin Kamara, Jalen Hurts y Deebo Samuel, among others.

How to participate

  • Join Deadfellaz on 10/25 and purchase one (or more) special edition Halloween package.

  • Each pack has 3 Deadfellaz and NFL player cards inside, of which 2 will be common, but the third will have a 50% chance of being rare.

  • The packs will go on sale specifically, on Tuesday 10/25 at 18:00 ET and the value of each of the envelopes will be $99.99 USD.

  • The official marketplace is as follows:

  • The events in which these NFT cards can be used in full will be for the closed DraftKings contests that will take place on 10/30 and 10/31.

  • Users who own NFTs will compete for cash prizes, Deadfellaz NFTs, Reignmakers packages and more.

  • Collecting the 13 rare or the 13 common ones will also bring exclusive benefits. Also, those who collect all 26 (the 13 common and the 13 rare ones) will get surprises.

The key players in this partnership spoke out. The co-founder of DraftKings, Matt Kalishpraised Deadfellaz’s NFT project and added that his company established the web3 initiatives to provide its users with a different and fun experience with Halloween-themed stickers.

Also, he finished by saying that DraftKings wants to be connected to the communities that are created around Reignmakers Football and with the Deadfellaz touch he believes that will be much easier.

For her part, Betty y Psychco-founders of Deadfellaz, said they are delighted to work with DraftKings on this collection of zombie NFTs stickers, as they love to build bridges from the web3 space to the fantasy sports fan communities.

Final words

Despite the downturn in the cryptocurrency market and consequently, non-fungible tokens, we see how artists, companies in different industries, and musicians continue to work hard to bring new experiences and benefits to their fans, users or customers with NFT technology.

Also, the recent Deadfellaz-DraftKings collaboration, as well as the one with Warner Bros. with EluvioThe recent Deadfellaz-DraftKings collaboration is a positive sign for the non-fungible token industry, as it demonstrates how committed companies are to NFTs and their mass adoption.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.