Dcentralize: The decentralized and tokenized community-driven Web3 festival.

It is a festival that has recently taken the form of DAO, so along with the community incorporates Web3 music services, such as streamings, Augmented Reality events, an NFT marketplace, and much more.

The advance of new technologies, and the objective of large traditional companies, as well as new projects, are some of the factors responsible for the sustained growth that we have been seeing in recent years in the Web3 and NFT field.

The need to provide immersive user experiences, various reward systems, among other benefits that companies are beginning to implement, are issues that are carried out independently of the trend adopted by the market in general, as we can see through the articles we publish every day from NFTexpress.

In this case, we will address a rather novel concept in current times through a festival that decides to revolutionize the field completely: musical experiences on Web3. Related to this, a few days ago we mentioned a similar case related to Spotify and its pilot tests of playlists that can be unlocked through NFTs.

Powered by blockchain technology, Dcentralize is a hybrid music festival whose first date of celebration has been stipulated for August 2023, at the Prestwold Hall Estate. The event will be held alongside a conference, and both will be streamed in a custom space in the metaverse, hosted by Passage.

Those token holders who choose to join the Dcentralize community will be part of an extensive collaboration that will be driven by value sharing and transparent communications, which levels the playing field by enabling access for everyone.

A major revelation has been the transition of Dcentralize festival into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), whose main goal is to give power back to the music community.

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In this sense, it gives token holders the possibility to participate in the decision making process of the festival. Thus, having made the transition to a DAO, token holders will be able to vote on key decisions such as determining line ups, stage designs, festival expansion, and much more.

At the same time, both the festival organizers and some of its sponsors will hold a series of workshops (before and during the festival) to provide artists and attendees with information on how to safely venture into the Web3 field.

Andy Raisenhead of community engagement, said that Dcentralize is realizing the potential of Web3 to change the way we go about our lives.

Ian Keerthe founder of the event with extensive experience in logistics and event organization, said that they are working with professionals from the Web3 world, crypto, event managers, music, art and much more.

On the other hand, Joe Crossley holds the position of technical and creative director (who in turn founded Astral Projekt). He specializes in augmented reality, project planning, immersive experiences, among other fields.

Also, Harrison Bloorwho holds the position of Growth Lead, has stated on his Twitter profile his position in favor of environmentally friendly companies, and it is in this way that highlights the event sponsor Riot Labswho produce sustainable electronic cigarettes.

Incorporation of 2 people to the management team and 5 Sponsors.

At the end of 2022 they announced the addition of two women to the management team, Dr. Amber Ghaddar and Mariana Brandao, in addition to announcing five new sponsors and partners to continue to grow their original roster.

Amber GhaddarAmber Ghaddar, with a strong background in finance and cryptocurrency, joined this project to assume the position of CEO. In her background, we can mention her role as founder and CIO at Alliance Block, as well as a women-oriented accelerator.

Mariana Brandao has joined the company as a music and entertainment business developer. Previously, she has participated in a large number of musical events, such as Pacha & Creamfields Brasil, Rock in Rio, Paramount Artist, among many others. She can regularly be found at event conferences such as NFT London.

Ian Kerr welcomed both professionals and congratulated them on joining the team, which as of November 2022 had more than 28 professionals working on the project.

Regarding the five new sponsors, we can mention the following: Kujira (a Cosmos Layer 1 platform for community-chosen projects), Riot Labs (tasked with producing disposable e-cigarettes), Zebu Live (a leading brand fostering the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain), CryptoWeeklyMagazine (crypto news media) and Nickel Factory (a startup whose mission is to provide decentralized communities with immersive and interactive IRL events).

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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