DC launches its Comics as NFTs collection with Palm Studio

DC Comics, an arm of Warner Bros.’ DC Entertainment, announced its digital expansion and introduced “DC Collectible Comics (DC3)” in conjunction with Palm NFT Studio, a leading blockchain technology company.

DC Comics announced that on October 27 it will expand its marketplace into the digital industry with the “DC Collectible Comics (DC3)” project. The releases will be weekly and will feature variant covers and classifications that traditional collectors of physical comics have already enjoyed over the years, but now with a more innovative and digitized approach.

DC fans will be able to find all the information at nft.dcuniverse.com and will also be able to buy and resell their NFTs on the platform’s internal marketplace.

The launch will be with the collaboration of its lead partner Palm NFT Studioone of the leading blockchain technology companies supporting the transition of traditional brands to the new web3 industry. The new NFTs-oriented DC project is built by Palm NFT Studio and runs on the Ethereum blockchain-compatible Palm Network.

DC Collectible Comics will have two categories: Legacy and Modern. The first category refers to classic comic releases, which may have been out of print for years due to the high demand for them and today, in the form of NFTs are once again available to collectors. The second category, refers to modern comics in which a number of recent releases from DC’s extensive line of comics will be highlighted.

In addition, each collectible comic of this new project will have five levels of rarity (the main feature of the NFTs) that will be randomly assigned to it at the time of acquiring one of these assets.

The levels are classified as: common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary. Also, each collector who purchases an NFT will be able to unlock the corresponding full issue in the DC Universe online comic book reader, meaning they will have the opportunity to read their comics at any time and even create their own library of NFTs DC.

As we have reviewed, the first Legacy comic will go on sale on October 27th at 9:00 AM PT and will be “Superman #1“The first comic book tells the story of the origin of the Man of Steel. The first comic tells the origin of the Man of Steel, Clark Kent’s first day as a Daily Star newspaper worker and the creation of Superman. This iconic comic was released in 1939 and is written by Jerry Siegel, with Joe Schuster and Fred Guardineer as lead artists. Superman #1 will be limited to only 3,000 minted NFTs.

However, last 10/25 the first Modern comic was released, corresponding to “Batman: The Legacy Cowl #1”, one of the newest DC comics created with the help of the DC Bat Cowl community. It was available to holders of Batman: The Legacy Cowl NFTa NFT collection released several months ago by DC for the Batman mask, which has been changed several times by the creators of the superhero. The story of Batman’s masks was modified for specific tasks. and in recent months NFT Bat Cowl holders helped shape the how, what and why of the new comic through voting, with the goal of developing the story of the new Batman mystery.

Batman: The Legacy Cowl NFT collection non-fungible token

Anne DePies, Vice President and General Manager of DC spoke about this new digital project and said that they want to take the experience they have formed in the physical world with the comics they have made for so many years and expand the services to a new community that is in the digital world.

Josh HackbarthHead of Business Development for NFT at Warner Bros., also spoke for DC Comics fans and said he is gratified by the work and finds it fun to see the level of commitment and enthusiasm that the DC community has put into this new project.

He added that the recent work on the Harley Quinn NFT collection is a clear example of the constant work to find ways to embrace the new technology of non-fungible tokens. He also concluded by saying that he wants to provide DC fans with a unique and unprecedented experience.

Representative photo from nft.dcuniverse regarding the Harley Quinn collection.

DC was proud of the community they are creating around this new way of providing services and benefits to people who are part of the superhero (and villain) universe.

About DC

DC, part of Warner Bros., has been busy creating iconic characters and fantastic stories. It is one of the world’s largest publishers of comic books, series, and movies, which has sought to entertain audiences of all generations on almost every continent. The entertainment company’s characters have found their way into film, television, consumer products, games, themed experiences at Warner Bros. parks and more.

About Palm NFT Studio

Palm NFT Studio is a technology company that aims to partner with creative artists, intellectual property owners and leading entertainment companies to create innovative blockchain-enabled services for users and fans.

Some of the works done by Palm NFT Studio are:

  • The Currency“with Damien Hirst and HENI.

  • Launched the metaverse platform of Pace GalleryPace Verso.

  • Various experiences through NFTs for Universal Music Group, the aforementioned Warner Bros and DC (WB’s primary and secondary market).

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.