DappRadar announced it will track NFTs on the Algorand blockchain.

DappRadar, one of the most trusted and well-known projects for exploring data from decentralized applications and NFTs projects, officially announced that it will integrate Algorand’s blockchain NFTs into its platform.

Official image of DappRadar and Algorand

DappRadarone of the most widely used platforms for discovering and researching different Dapps such as DeFi protocols, Drops and NFTs, among other industries, officially announced that it will be integrating non-fungible tokens from the Algorand blockchain.

Consequently, this will enable users to enjoy the latest NFT panoramas and collections from the Algorand network in time to invest or simply learn about them.

In addition, users will be able to track the performance of the most popular NFT collections marketed by the communities, with the goal of discovering promising projects in the Algorand ecosystem.


Algorand is a blockchain that uses Proof of Stake (PoS) for consensus and is open source. In addition, it has a highly scalable and efficient platform, which can achieve instant transactions at very low cost.

Also, Algorand is working day by day to become one of the most efficient and greenest blockchains in the ecosystem. For example, since April 2021, this blockchain achieved carbon negativity by purchasing carbon credits that exceed its carbon emissions, something that is undoubtedly very positive and beneficial for the environment.

It has its native token called SOMETHING and is used to defend the network and reward ecosystem governors. The native token is also a utility token used to pay transaction fees. Also, by staking SOMETHING, holders can be rewarded by staking and casting votes on the blockchain and issues facing the community.

It achieved an extraordinary performance this year, as, more and more projects and teams build their projects on the blockchain. Moreover, it managed to get several NFTs collections to start developing their non-fungible tokens on the network, with a whole ecosystem included. Now, he arrived at DappRadar, one of the projects that serves to investigate and learn about the most striking projects in different networks such as. Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, now Algorand, and many more.

DappRadar visualization with projects in Algorand

Algorand’s technology aims to support all asset classes of the future finance being created around blockchain technology and the crypto industry. Currently, this blockchain team knows that non-fungible tokens will bring great long-term value to the new era of digital assets.

Consequently, Algorand is providing a solid infrastructure to ensure the success of users and projects in the creation of NFT collections. They are also working hard to manage and participate in this emerging digital economy.

What NFTs are currently available in Algorand?


FIFA+ allows soccer fans to own different unforgettable moments and epic editions of the World Cups that took place over time. With this new official FIFA project, users can obtain digital collectibles in the form of NFT.

These NFTs are audiovisual collectibles of different plays in the World Cups compiling unforgettable moments.

In addition, FIFA+ is an entertainment experience, FIFA+ is an entertainment experience, meaning that users can enjoy watching the best documentaries and movies related to soccer, live matches and match summaries, all on the same platform. Access to the latter service is free of charge.

Regarding digital collectibles, we have already talked about them on NFTexpress when we did an article on the creation of this FIFA+ project. There are already several packs available on the platform for users to claim at very low values compared to other collections.

FIFA+ Packs: “Genesis Drop”, “FIFA Archives Drop”, “Curator Collection”.

World Cup Goannas

Goannas created a special edition of NFTs backed on the Algorand network to celebrate the World Cup currently being played in Qatar. Owners of the NFTs can enjoy several benefits, such as participation in DAO community governance and exclusivity for other Drops from future NFT collections, among others.

Currently, Goannas achieved a 100% increase in merchants, sales and volume in the last 30 days.

DappRadar and NFT users

DappRadar aims to provide the most comprehensive data tracks in the blockchain industry. In addition, it offers valuation and reporting tools in ecosystems such as. DeFi, NFTs, gaming play-to-earn, and more.

NFTs users can take advantage of DappRadar and browse different industries to find all kinds of information and gain project insights.

Finally, the “DappRadar’s NFT tracking tool” allows users to check the most popular non-fungible token collections and transaction trends of the major secondary markets in the ecosystem.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.