DAO and NFT How to merge these two technologies?

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are two markets that are growing by leaps and bounds and there are already projects that aim to merge both industries so that users and investors can participate in both ecosystems.

DAOs are a revolutionary way for organizations to plan and operate fairly. They are created through Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology with the aim of offering all the characteristics of a blockchain (security, autonomy, immutability and transparency).

This new form of decentralized organizations tend to be developed to fulfill a mission through community governance rather than a central authority. They can be used as DAOs for investments and protocols, but are also created for DeFi services and philanthropy.

The other ecosystem in question, NFTs, are developing and offering different products and in this article we will learn about DAO projects that aim to be fully compatible with NFTs and develop a whole ecosystem around both technologies to create a “decentralized world”.

NFTs and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for collectors:

At NFTexpress we frequently review and see how well-known collections are often very expensive. DAOs for collectors are developed to manage such exclusive digital assets. They usually collect art and monetization activities to support the ecosystem surrounding art-linked NFTs and on several occasions, it provides interesting investment opportunities.

The first project I bring you is Fingerprints DAOwhich builds a curated collection of NFT art and also, proceeds to be like an incubator for new art projects. The collection Fingerprints DAO’s collection includes NFTs pieces of generative art such as Autoglyphs and Protoglyph from the renowned project Larva Labs. Also, they have NFTs from Deafbeef’s Series 0-5 and Terraforms from Mathcastlesamong others. In the DAO, the members decide how the DAO’s treasury should be spent in order to expand the collection. The DAO governance token is called PRINT and 5000 are required to be part of the membership.

The second known DAO project in the ecosystem is Flamingo DAOwhich aims to explore investment opportunities. Also, valuable NFT assets can be fractionalized to generate collective ownership of a very valuable digital asset. At the time of this article, this DAO has in its possession 215 CryptoPunks and 22 Bored Apes, 246 Chromie Squiggles, 371 Cryptoblots, five Autoglypsh and other custom NFTs known as 1:1. Consequently, investors in this DAO are co-owners of a portfolio worth approximately $1 billion.

However, this project is one of the most exclusive DAO’s in the market, it is only open to U.S. investors called “Whales” and they have to be invited by members who are already inside the DAO.

DAO, non-fungible tokens and real-life events:

Today, some DAOs have powerful social influences that generate digital meetings, but they also organize real-life events.

The first project I am going to tell you about is Friends with Benefitsa DAO of creators, makers and thinkers from all over the world. The DAO is divided into several activities. NFT art galleryThe first one is a NFT art gallery, in which the different NFTs that the community within the DAO is exhibiting to collaboratively shape the future of Web3.

In addition, another of the activities they carry out are physical events, the last one was held on September 17 in New York, with the aim of fostering collaborations around the NFT ecosystem.

Bright Momentsanother DAO and NFT art collective, focuses on minting NFTs in real life, i.e., being physically present during the creation of the art. Moreover, they collaborate with artists to bring their concepts to life through physical and unique events.

The NEXT EVENT to be held by this DAO will be in Mexico City from November 14 to 21 and will be coined live more than 3000 generative art NFTs. In addition, they will hold training talks to bring closer the adoption of this new way of making art and important concepts about what NFTs technology can offer.

DAOs that are directly funded with NFTs:

In this ecosystem, NFTs are responsible for providing collective financing for the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Krause House is a DAO governed by basketball lovers and whose mission is to own a team in the NBAthe most important league of this sport. To be part of the community, it is necessary to own a “Krause NFT” ticket. These exclusive passes come with benefits such as access to Discord channels, claiming special community roles and eligibility for airdrops and raffles.

Currently, the Krause NFT tickets are sold out and have gone on to raise 1000 ETH since launch. They have their own governance token called $KRAUSE to facilitate decision making within the DAO.

Governance in NFT markets:

The last area I bring you where DAOs and NFTs work in tandem is the non-fungible token markets.

In this case, marketplaces usually issue their own governance tokens. Rarible, has the $RARI token, which gives its owners the opportunity to vote and endorse web projects3 that are based on the Raribe protocol.

Another example is the SuperRare DAO, which has $RARE as a governance token and holders can create enhancement proposals, so that there is then a consensus in official voting. $RARE is also used to support SuperRare collections and cures.

Both of these platforms’ tokens are ERC-20. On the other hand, Mintable, another NFT marketplace, uses non-fungible tokens for its DAO voting. Each user who vote buying receives a unique NFT for the purpose of voting for future updates, choosing which artists will be featured and also, deciding on the platform’s fee policy.


In this article I brought you some of the ways in which DAOs and NFTs work together to achieve the future on Web3. The ways and possibilities that exist and can emerge to use these two technologies are endless. We will just have to wait and see how decentralized finance, DAOs, the different formats of NFTs and the types of tokens that emerge can develop more applications that leverage the best parts of each of these ecosystems and give the community the opportunity to be part of successful projects that have value and create meaningful change, both in the digital universe and also in the real world.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.