Cudos launched AuraPool, the first NFT marketplace for Hashrate collectibles

Cudos is a company based on powering the Metaverse through blockchain technology and cloud computing. Currently, they launched AuraPool to their ecosystem, a revolutionary marketplace for NFTs. Today at NFTexpress we explain you what it is all about.

AuraPool is the industry’s first sustainable NFT marketplace. This project brings together collectors, NFT investors, BTC miners, Web3 players and mining farms on a single frictionless platform.

To understand it a little better, AuraPool is a project by Cudoswhere you will be able to buy and sell Hashrate collectibles. These are created by clean energy bitcoin mining farms, which will represent a part of the Hashrate in the form of NFT in your wallet, generating bitcoins and storing them automatically in the wallet.

How AuraPool will work

This innovative NFT marketplace will tokenize a mining farm on the Cudos blockchain, using AuraPool.

Then, the interested party will have to find out how much Hashrate the mining machines in the farm produce, but to understand how it works let’s take an example.

Suppose a mining farm produces 100 T/s and wants to tokenize the hundred in the form of NFTs according to its calculations.

Then, they launch 100 NFTs, i.e., each with 1Th/s and then each non-fungible token is a tokenized infrastructure of the farm, so if the user decides to buy a NFT, it will generate BTC at a hash rate of 1 Th/s, which can vary from a few years to a lifetime.

Undoubtedly, the idea of Cudos with the launch of AuraPool is totally innovative, since, for the first time, a tokenized market of the mining sector is being created using NFT technology. This will allow sustainable energy mining farms to extract bitcoin and will also motivate other bitcoin mining farms to change their energy for a more renewable one.

On the other hand, it also generates great utility in buyers or investors of NFTs, since, if you buy a Hashrate collectible, you are mining bitcoins simply by having a non-fungible token from the mining farm. This helps reduce electricity consumption, by the fact that creating your own mining will cost much more than having an NFT in your wallet.

Who can launch NFTs in AuraPool?

The non-fungible tokens to be launched in AuraPool will be thoroughly evaluated by the AuraPool project team.

In addition, the NFTs will be exclusively from mining farms that want to tokenize their infrastructure and if they pass all the tests, they will be ready to start and launch their NFTs in this new innovative market.

Beyond investors, collectors and bitcoin NFT miners, AuraPool also targets gamified platform players, since they can compete for NFT Hashrate and have the possibility for a team to organize a competition or tournament in which these players participate.

On the other hand, AuraPool is not a solo project, but rather, it is an expansion of the Cudos blockchain, with the same team, which has been working and developing different services in the crypto space since 2017 until today.

The first AuraPool NFT collection

The first NFT collection to be launched by AuraPool is Blockmole and users will be able to access their own hash rate from Bitcoin mining activities from Blockmole. Also, they will get access to its gaming platform, where members will battle each other to win the hash rate every week.

Finally, this collection was announced to be launched in the first quarter of 2023 and you can join the whitelist by clicking here. here.


AuraPool wants to take advantage of the changing demands that relate to sustainable mining practices. Accordingly, together with Cudos they created this NFT marketplace to support BTC miners through clean energy and proof of work (PoW) with a new revenue opportunity that accelerates the adoption of renewable technology.

In addition, the ability to tokenize infrastructure and hashrate is clearly a paradigm shift for the non-fungible token industry, as, it will enable the sustainable development of the ecosystem and at the same time, provide new services to miners, collectors, NFT fans and Web3 players, who will be incentivized with new revenue opportunities.

Finally, Cudos is on a mission to grow the demand for more accessible, sustainable and rewarding NFTs with the AuraPool marketplace and to be able to bring more value to the entire ecosystem surrounding the non-fungible token industry. Only the course of time will tell if this marketplace can succeed in the long run.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.