Cryptokicks IRL: Nike and RTFKT’s smart sneakers.

Nike launches the first web3 native sneakers that combine various technologies and innovations, with the main objective of connecting the real world with the digital one.

The real world and NFTs are becoming more and more connected. Thanks to the collaboration between the company RFTKT and Cryptokicks, the distance between the real and virtual fields is further reduced.

RTFKTthe digital collectibles and virtual fashion company that was acquired by Nike in 2021, has announced the launch of its first smart sneakers called“Cryptokicks iRL“. They are the first native Web3 sneakers that achieve the connection of various technologies and innovations, with the goal of providing fans with new immersive experiences.

These Web3-native smart shoes have several smart features, such as laces that automatically adjust at the push of a button, customizable lights, a motion management system, gesture control, walk detection, hyperlink support, connection to other applications, and more.

On the other hand, the Cryptokicks iRL bring many innovations at a technological level, since they can be linked with applications, in addition to having a wireless charging system through RTFKT’s charging base. Another addition of these smart shoes is that they allow communication and data exchange between different devices, as they are equipped with RTFKT’s WM NFC chip, which allows such linking, in addition to NFC-NFT authentication.

The Cryptokicks iRL carry in their DNA the Nike Mag model, which had its starring role in 1989 through the movie Back to the Future 2. The Air Mag was brought to life again by Nike’s innovation teams at charity auction events in 2011 and 2016, equipped at the time with the novel addition of automatic laces.

In turn, these digital sneakers are customizable and run on the Ethereum blockchain. Each sneaker is unique and can be purchased as an NFT. Those who happen to own an NFT from the collection will then be able to claim their physical unit. In order to purchase a unit, one must register on the RTFKT platform. According to the company, only 1 NFT can be purchased per RTFKT account and wallet address.

Another innovation of these smart shoes is that they work with a rechargeable battery, and offer the possibility of choosing different colors and animations for walking. With the purchase of each shoe, they come with a wireless charging base, through which they can be connected to the Cryptokicks iRL application via Bluetooth. These shoes have RTFKT’s NFC WM chip, which allows each user to verify the legitimacy of each physical item with its corresponding digital version.

The smart sneakers will be available in 4 different colors: Blackout, Stone, Ice and Space Matter. Supply is limited to 19,000 units. Initially, they will only be available in the United States. These sneakers will initially be offered as collectibles in NFT format, so the physical item can be claimed later. At the time of writing, they range in price from $550 to $1300.

The private sale began on Monday, December 12, where only Lance Engine NFT owners could participate. For the public sale that starts on Wednesday, December 14, will be selected randomly people who previously registered for the lottery that began on December 7 and ended on December 9, where they had to meet several requirements for registration, such as having a U.S. address, a balance of 0.5 ETH in a wallet, and a RTFKT account.

Regarding the delivery date of the sneakers, it will be for May 2023, and the mobile app will also be launched in that month. To keep up to date with the latest news on Nike’s smart sneakers, we provide the official RTFKT Twitter account. where updates are constantly posted.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express