CryptoConnection and to take study certificates to the next level

CryptoConnection, one of the information platforms on the entire Web3 ecosystem, teamed up with, the creator of a protocol for verifying online learning called Proof of Education.

CryptoConnection and teamed up to bring a new protocol called Proof of Education. The agreement is that people who take the new CryptoConnection course will get a special certificate that we will be going over in this NFTexpress article.

About CryptoConnection

CryptoConexiónis a platform that promotes the path to financial inclusion through decentralized technologies provided by the blockchain and the entire Web3 ecosystem. Also, other of its purposes is to strengthen gender equality, and promote opportunities, education and other positive effects for the Spanish-speaking community in particular.

In its excellent quality platformIn its excellent quality platform, you can find a lot of tutorials from different industries related to Web3 and the new decentralized economy, among them we can find information about metaverse, exchanges, DAOs, cryptoassets, different blockchains, and much more.

This platform is geared towards a beginner audience and focuses on Latin America and the U.S. Latino community to provide responsible education without being taken as an investment site.

Currently, they launched a course called “Crypto 1.0“where the student will be introduced to the crypto economy and will understand what cryptocurrencies are, blockchain, how to create a user in an exchange, a decentralized wallet, and also about NFTs. In addition, the course is made not only to learn the basic concepts, but also to put into practice everything learned.

The innovative thing about this course is that upon completion, you will be able to obtain a special token called Non-Transferable Token or NTT, for its acronym in English. This NTT will validate the knowledge and skills that the student has acquired in a self-taught way in the CryptoConnection campus and thanks to the alliance with

My NTT for taking the CryptoConnection course on Instagram.

¿What is emerged in 2021, and is a company that seeks to build the new way to educate, since it is based on a proprietary protocol called “Proof of Education”.

The goal is to enable self-learners to validate their knowledge in a new way through NTTs or non-transferable tokens.

Luis Faustoone of the founders of this platform said that the intention is that people who learn on the Internet can have a certificate of knowledge or skills required in specific subjects or areas.

In addition, this new token called NTT is used so that they cannot be purchased or transferred between people. These are automatically sent to the student’s wallet, as if it were a credential or educational certificate that accredits the skills obtained by the student.

Long term, wants to be the first platform for people to use, along with their wallet, as a resume when applying for a job, since, this fusion of technologies will allow recruiters to confirm through the blockchain that the job applicant is qualified to fulfill the job.

Currently, people can interact and get the first NTTs that are on the platform after correctly answering a series of questions from different questionnaires such as: what are NFTs, how to enter different metaverses, how Web3 seeks to give power back to the end user, or how and what can be done with a crypto wallet.

While, is currently created for self-learners, the goal is to be able to present its use cases for schools, training platforms, startups, and course and diploma providers. With the issuance of NTTs for its students, also plans to create a marketplace, where educational content creators can upload and offer their courses, with the addition of delivering NTTs for approval.

The flow of how Proof of Education works. Source: CryptoConnection

¿What is an NTT?

The NTT (Non Transferable Token) is a type of token that is directly related to education. CryptoConnection and have partnered so that those interested in taking the course provided by CryptoConnection can obtain an NTT at the end of the course.

The curious thing about this new technology is that it will never be possible to obtain an NTT without first going through a learning process, since they are not created to be purchased or transferred between people.

The goal of the NTT is to become a way of academic diploma, but 100% developed with blockchain technology through the knowledge offered by a course.

NTTs, like NFTs, can be found on different blockchains, but as I mentioned earlier, these tokens are personal and non-transferable (the only similarity between the two tokens is that they are unique)., the creator of these NTTs and their education protocol, have delivered more than 800 non-transferable tokens so far and have managed to create a strong and interesting community around education.

On the other hand, NTTs live on the Polygon blockchain, and are built on three fundamental characteristics, which are: knowledge, skill and sentiment.

Finally, students who wish to obtain an NTT can do so very easily, since all they need is a Polygon-compatible wallet, such as Metamask. They will receive the NTT in their wallet after having passed the course they are taking.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.