CryptoCampo: Linking cryptocurrencies to the field through NFTs

CryptoCampo is a blockchain platform that aims to provide the opportunity for anyone to participate in the agricultural market, doing so in a secure and affordable way.

CryptoCampo seeks through its website to offer users the possibility of participating in agricultural campaigns offered by the platform. It will be by acquiring an NFT through stablecoins or stable currencies.

Through CryptoCampo’s platform, anyone will be able to access their cryptocurrencies in markets that are backed by real and concrete assets related to agricultural activities in a secure and transparent manner, thanks to blockchain technology.

First, the user has to log in to the Cryptocampo platform by connecting his wallet and choose the wallet option he manages, for example, Metamask.

The application works as follows:

Currently, the platform can be accessed with wallets such as MetaMask, Binance Wallet, and Wallet Connect (whose QR can be scanned with mobile wallets). In addition, this allows it to be compatible with “Trust wallet” and other similar wallets.

Once you have logged in and signed the access smart contact, you will have access to information about the agricultural campaigns that are currently being offered on the platform. Also, they will be able to purchase an NFT that represents your participation in the campaign you want to select to participate in.

NFTs will be a major player in this ecosystem that seeks to merge the innovative features of blockchain technology with the traditional field market.

To participate in this industry with CryptoCampo you will have to acquire an NFT that will represent your participation in the agricultural campaign listed on the platform. Each NFT issued is unique to the owner and its value is fixed.

Currently, they have launched the first whitelist with 1420 non fungible tokens that belong to the Campaign 1.0: Medical Cannabis Production in Rocha, Uruguay.

This first foray of CryptoCampo is based on the production of medical Cannabis (CBD hemp) in the department of Rocha, Uruguay.

The earmarked investment will be for the production of premium quality CBD hemp flower for export purposes.

Planting and production will be carried out by a company called CANNBIO AGRO S.A.S., which has several years of experience in the field and is registered in the Single Registry of Operators of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay.

Campaign Information 1.0

  • Production target: To obtain approximately 1500 kilograms of top quality CBD hemp flower.

  • Campaign term: 12 months.

To participate and acquire an NFT, the interested user will have to have BUSD, Binance’s own stablecoin, the recognized cryptocurrency exchange worldwide.

The people behind this project are:

In addition, the team is composed of:

RoadMap for Campaign 1.0 published by CryptoCampo

They started in February 2022 with the assembly of the high concept team (name, logo, colors) and the study of potential agricultural products. They will end in December of this year with the planting, the holding of an event for NFT holders and the implementation of methods for monitoring the campaign on the web. In addition, throughout the year, objectives have been set to be met.

This month was the launch of the interactive webcreation of the Discord and the public Mint of the NFTs.

To carry out the development of the smart contracts of the web3 platform, CryptoCampo used the Open Zeppelin libraries for the creation of its non-fungible tokens. They have used the ERC-721 Protocol, ERC-721 enumerable, Ownable, ReentranctyGuard and Counters.

Also, the platform was built on the BNB Chain network (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain).

The goal is to take full advantage of the main features of blockchain technology and provide transparency and reliability to all actions performed within.

Finally, if the CryptoCampo team fails to raise 100% of the capital required for a project within a set timeframe, the amount deposited in cryptocurrencies will be returned to users in full, without deducting any commissions.

However, it is worth noting that the people behind CryptoCampo are clear that the goal is to change the existing paradigm and allow any user who wishes to be part of one of the main economic activities in the world.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.