Creative Factory: an NFT collection dedicated to advertising creatives

It is an NFT collection dedicated exclusively to passionate creatives who have voluntarily decided to work in the advertising industry, either in agencies or studios.

We have seen over the past few months how the non-fungible token ecosystem continues to advance and grow, despite the ups and downs that the crypto market in general has had.

From NFTexpress we have communicated hundreds of news and scoops related to tokenization projects, NFT collections, Web3, Metaverso, among other topics, although we always clarify that our publications are for informational purposes, and are not recommendations or advice.

But there is one important issue and that is that within the field of existing NFT collections on the market, there is currently not one that is dedicated to the community that supports these collectibles.

In this sense, there is a common agreement among a large part of the community regarding the team of creators or artists whose creative profession is reflected in the elaboration of NFT, they are at the moment of having a collection that can represent them in an easy and inclusive way, especially in their professional aspect.

This is how CREATIVE FACTORY, a collection of Profile NFTs (Avatars) by and for creative people who love and live from their passion.

As stated on their official websiteis designed so that creative professionals can understand the Web3 ecosystem and NFT, and learn about this technology, and the way it will revolutionize the world (beyond what it is already doing).

These avatars will have various attributes that represent the skills and experiences of real people doing creative and artistic work.

In this sense, the main objective of this collection is to become the gateway to the NFT world for all people who develop professionally in agencies or creative studios around the world.

As a result, we seek to build a professional community of thousands of creative professionals who are motivated to learn about and inspect the wonderful NFT ecosystem, the metaverse and Web3, as well as the opportunities it can offer them.

In this way, indicates that in order to obtain an NFT from the collection, all that is required is a digital wallet (for which they particularly recommend Metamask).

Once the NFT is ready, you will receive an email with a link to OpenSea. There you will be able to examine the collection in depth, and to see the avatars of other members. In the following linkyou can find more information about the avatar attributes.

The person in charge of the design of this collection is Ignacio Bragadoa creative artist with a background in art direction, having worked as a consultant for more than 20 years, in addition to having worked on blue chip collections.

The goal they promote is to trade NFTs, buy, sell and have fun while looking for the avatar that best describes you. While in the process of getting there, people can learn about the basics of NFT collections and meet other interesting professionals who are in the same situation as themselves.

At Creative Factory, the attributes are used to help you choose the NFT you most identify with. There are no random quirks here. On the contrary, there are several human characteristics that will generate interest in using them and even sharing them on all your social networks.

The attributes that characterize each NFT demonstrate the various issues that are generally overcome when people enter the world of marketing and advertising. These may include promotions to management positions, winning awards that recognize individual or group merit, or even the moment when people decide to leave their jobs to start their own agency or creative studio.

These attributes have different forms. The owl is for professionals, the stars for award winners, and a building for those dedicated to financing. Then, there will be a special category called Hall of Fame, which is reserved for industry leaders.

According to official data from the website, there is an initial amount of 10,000 avatars to create. These NFTs are developed on Polygon’s blockchain, so the team bases its decision on the fact that it is a sustainable network, has a very low gas fee, and is easy to integrate with social networks.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express